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Lets Make This Perfectly Clear...Im So Transparent i Disappear
Monday, 22 November 2004
weekend madness
Mood:  don't ask
Now Playing: ashlee simpsin-love me for me

this weekend was fun!

went up to magalines volleyball tryouts and had <3isaac<3 vinnie and alex come up there so i could see <3isaac<3.after try outs me magaline hannah and nikki were at my house.we took stoopid pictures and watched porn lol!

me and magaline went to ashleys house and then went to jackies...we were suposed to stay the night but maggies mom didnt want us to and we were gonna anyways but nikki said that her brother stoped breathing cuz we were just messin around with her and she like fliped out sOo then we went ashleys and hung out and eat food and watch halloween 2

me nad maggie and her mom and brother zach and jake and kenny all went to the novi mall then to target then to kroger then i came hoem talked to <3isaac<3

well sOo far it was fun but the whole time i felt sOo sad because i look at them and how skinny they are then i look at me...and im not even close sOo until i look like paris hilton its serious dieting! i kno i wont be that pretty but maybe i can be that skinny

Posted by crazy3/oxsugarkissxo at 1:31 PM EST
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Friday, 19 November 2004
Bruised and Broken
Mood:  blue
Now Playing: Senses Fail...Steven

*he* didnt go of cource but i guess its not his fault. i dont mean to be sOo mean and bitch all the time i just dont wanna waste 5 months on a guy like i did and find out EVERYTHING was a lie even when he said he loved me...because i really like *him* and i just dont wanna loose him! last night was bad but trevor my BFF helped me through it idk what i would of done without him... just a few cuts here and there but i guess its better then dying

Posted by crazy3/oxsugarkissxo at 12:41 PM EST
Updated: Friday, 19 November 2004 12:44 PM EST
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Thursday, 18 November 2004
Are you aware of how you make me feel
Mood:  sad
Now Playing: welcome to my life
my homebound teacher came today for the first time, shes pretty cool but she has a mullett!! which is funny as hell!today is my brothers first basketball game!! go him!! he made the *A* for the first time.(theres two teams *A* and *B*...*A* is better) i cant wait to go see him play!! my boyfriend is gonna be not sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing. He tells me he loves me sOo much and all this crap yet when were in frount of people its like im not im invisible! plus i think he likes my cousin who is also my best friend. But we will see how the game goes tonight.

OnE bEaUtifUL gUrL wItH tEaRy EyEs
a HiDdEn hEaRt FuL oF hUrT and LiEs
SiTs uP AnD CriEs HaViN a HaRd TimE
rEaLiZiNg lOvEs nOt aLL WeEkKnEeS
anD * *})i(}* * |BuTtErFLiEs| * *})i({* *

arE yOu awarE Of waT yOu makE
mE fEel cuz babi right nOw ii
fEeL *(iinviisiibLe)* tOo yOu
.·:*¨*|LiKe iM nOt rEaL|*¨*:·.

Posted by crazy3/oxsugarkissxo at 1:39 PM EST
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