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About Me


Following is a link to take you to a list of my favorite web sites.

  • My favorite web sites

    In this link I have a list of Sites that I love to attend.

    Some are jokes and the others are current event resources.

Well lets see, this list is some of my favorite things:

  • My favorite animal is a dog.
  • My favorute actor is orlando bloom.(he is so hot)
  • My favorite actress is Julia Stiles. I think she is so talented. she has played in many movies and in very different character roles.
  • my favorite classes in school are theater and English.
  • my favorite music type is Latin hip hop. it has a very fast beat and it keeps you moving even if you are sitting at the house cleaning up.
  • my favorite cartoon character is tigger and bob the builder. (yes childish but what can i say I like them)


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