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Saturday, 3 April 2004
Im Not sure what day is what!! Well It All Started Out When me and cort wanted to roast marshmellows, so we got my lil brothers fire starter thingy and knifes and marshmellows! Then We were off to the woods...When we got there we collected the fire wood and attempted to start the fire...didnt work! So then we went back to my house and decided we would wait til night to do this and this time bring a lighter & gasoline!! well i dont remember what happened til we were at the playground and we poured the gasoline down the slide and caught it on then we called flynn and he and lance came down to the playground to give us some company, then we caught the rock on fire and let it burn for a while..well then some lady started screamin at us she was gonna call the police so we did everything we could to get that fire out! When we did...we ran back into the woods and well started another fire, and cort roasted her a marshmellow but Flynn was so scared i dunno why, so we put the fire out and walked to corts. we sat down and talked for a while and then flynn and lance left. I belived it was Sunday, i gave my Kabuki a bath then washed my mommys car, then i drove her car around and went to corts, i got her and we droped my mommys car off and walked back to her house and we layed out. Somehow Ally came over and that night we made videos..One was on Scooby Doo and OMG So FuNNy!! Ally was Daphne, Cort was Shaggy, and i was Velma, Fred was dead and scooby doo was played by a stuff animal (simba from the Lion King) well we all died except for Scooby Doo! Then we Made a music video to Usher's Yeah! Ally was Lil Jon, Cort Was LuDDa, and I was usher! Ally's teeth kept comin out and cort is just weird, and im retarted.... then we watched Gothika, OK THATS IT GOODBYE!!!!!

Posted by crazy3/monicapaige at 12:04 PM CST
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Thursday, 1 April 2004
What is Blog
What is blog i dunno but im gonna make it what i wanna!!! so i will later!! Ok Goobye now for now!!
I love YOu DaNieL.. your amazing!! ~MoN!

Posted by crazy3/monicapaige at 7:52 PM CST
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