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I'm Broke!! Help me PLEASE!

Well you either got this site from a money bill or from a link from somebody. This is because I am extremly broke and I am doing something very crazy. I am going online and ask the WORLD to help me go to college. I told you it was crazy... My name is Kari-Anne Pruitt and I am a senior attending Timberland High School in Wentzville Missouri CLASS OF 2005 BABY!!!! So of course I will be starting college in August 2005 but I am just really worried about money. Yes I do have a job but its being a server at Denny's....enough said about that. Id like to go to a 4 yr college in Missouri. My main choices right now are Central Missouri State, Hannibal Lagrange, and University of Missoui-St. Louis. And some other ones that I have a tiny bit in mind for. I might also start off at St.Charles Community College but of course...all of this requires money. So if you would help with even just a buck that would just make you awesome and if not thanks for at least looking at my site. You can mail me money or a check (preferable way) and just make it out to Kari-Anne Pruitt. The adress is 1320 Bryan Valley Dr. O'Fallon, Missouri 63366 If you have any questions you can email me at or contact me on my cell at (636)293-1229. Thank you so much for helping me with college!! PS If you want to contact my local newspapers and talk about this crazy girl thatd be awesome too! PSS If you would like I can list you under contributors at your request as well.

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