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Ma Corner

Herre r ma Corner!Paar Bilder und Kommentare die mich Betreffen oder mich Beschreiben.
Das Lied im Hintergrund ist mein momentaner fave. Song (Stand up remix)

Thatz me in the age of 2. I look like a Boy *lool*

Thatz me in the Age of uhm...4-6 or something.

*lol* Thatz me with ma Mom and Dad. In the Age ooooof uhm..*think* 7?8?

*lol* I hate this Pic...but thats the Only Picture I have. Uhm...I was 11.

And Thatz me NOW in the age of 15 ;o)

Thatz ma 2 lil Gangsta Baybee'zZ. They're ma CousinzZ. These PiczZ Lookin' soooo Cuuuuute *luvluv*

^^ Uhm...Pass by....this is the W-Sign  *lol*

fuck with me? alright lets get
this shit started. ill fuck your
head up bitch. make you feel-
[[ r e t a r d e d ]]

its funny h0w the fakest bitches
fr0nt like they the realest

i tried to hold back my tears
i tried my hardest to be tough
its just too hard and now i just
have to give up.

In Rememberance of my Loved City New York.

you don`t understand
and you never will
so don’t pull that shit
“I know how you feel”