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This is a poem that Heather Truett  (godslyric) wrote for the 

members of the March EC/PG board 

(posted Friday June 14th 2002)

Lucky Charms

Sometimes friends have faces

that we'll never get to see.

Sometimes friends live far away

in a place we'll never be.

I met you ladies months ago

when he was very small,

living in my growing belly,

no more than 1 inch tall.

At that time, I wasn't 'wife' yet

and was just becoming 'Mother.'

In order to get through pregnancy,

we helped each other.

I said things to you dear ladies

I would say to no one else,

and you've helped me understand things

I never knew I felt.

The kindness you have shown to me

I never can repay.

I thank you for your caring.

I'll thank God for you each day.