First of all Hello everybody I`m Brigitte .. * wave * ... yes you may pet me gently and i promise all claws will stay hidden unless you rub me the wrong way ... *meschievious grin* I wont bite ya though... lol .. promise :-) ..You can`t see me now but i am raising my right paw as i promise this :D ... anyway i enjoy meeting, and having interesting conversations, with peeps all over the world ... So if you want to holla i promise i`ll be as gentle as a puddycat :-) *purrrrr*

I guess now i better get on with it and tell you all a little bit about myself, otherwise i`d totally be missing the reason for a page like this
Where do i start.....o.k....i was rudely awakened on April 8th 1976 when some obnoxious midwive gave me a slap on my behind for the sole reason of making me no seriously i am not gonna go THAT far Well i am 27 years old...5`8" .. green eyes ...a funloving full figured woman... have no kids as of yet .....i love animals ( so never pull a cat on it`s tail infront of me or you might get the same treatment in kidding, would never do that ) ...cause i am a aaaaangel :D

Yeah right like anyone who really knows me would even remotely believe I grew up in germany for the first 17 years of my life after which i decided i needed a change of scenery and spent 9 wonderfull years in the USA and loved every minute of it .... but after a while we all have to return home so i am now kicking it back in K-Town ( Kaiserslautern ) Germany but i can't wait to get back to the states in July 2005 cause i just LOVE the good old USA :D

Here`s a couple of pics of myself, even a childhood picture :-)

And of course a couple of pics of my Zoo :-).. The cat would be Annie then my dog named Ginger and last but not least my Bird named Loco ( cause he's slightly insane
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