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Lindsey's Blog
Saturday, 3 July 2004
I am gonan start posting results of some of the quizzes I take: I have ony taken one so far, it was on Which N-Bay is my dream date?

Posted by crazy3/lindseyworld at 2:21 PM EDT
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Tuesday, 22 June 2004
My Music
Rock Music is my thing right now. I went to this thing last Sat. night and there were a few different bands playing. There was this one band and the drummer was 9 years old. I don't know their name though. I went to see this band from Albany.Ga. called Monroe Brown. They are really good,I know the lead singer. The only problem was that the whole thing got shut down before they got to play so I was pretty mad.

I like too many bands and songs to just name a few but I think my favorite song right now is Broken by Seether.

Posted by crazy3/lindseyworld at 5:41 PM EDT
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My Mood
Right Now I'm scared, I have to be at my house the time of my parent's party and I really dont want to be, my stepmom is driving me INSANE!!!! I really wish I was 16!!

Posted by crazy3/lindseyworld at 2:46 PM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 3 July 2004 2:01 PM EDT
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Lindsey Updates :-)
6/22-Hey Everybody! This is my brand new blog so I hope you like it. Post a comment if you have one about my blog or whatever. I'll update whenever I can!

6/23- Today I had to go to Albany with my sister and I went to Goody's and bought some clothes! Isnt that just fasinating? That was pretty much my day. I really need something exciting to do. This is the only bad thing about summer. I can't wait to go on my beach vacation to Panama City Beach with my friends. Hope everyone else's summer is more fun than mine is right now.

6/24- Like I said in my mood post,I had cheerleading practice today. That was really the only event. I decided that I was gonna post some of my poetry and stuff on here sometimes, I will post some of your stuff too if you have it of course, just type your poem or whatever when you post a comment:) I will post mine sometime soon.

7/3- So Sorry I havent updated in a while!! I feel really bad I have just been so busy. Today my parents are throwing this party for some of their friends and I am planning on hiding out in my room. Pray that I don't go insane!!For those who don't know me, I am kind of a messy person and I had to clean my room yesterday:-O It took like all day but I do feel better now that it is clean but anyway,I said last time I posted that I was gonna start putting up some of my poetry and stuff so here is my entry for today:
Party Time
Today is my parents party,
Gonna go insane,
I don't want to meet these people,
Don't care to know their names.
Glad I have a lock on my door,
To protect myself from pshyco freaks,
Maybe if I act all scary and mean,
They'll just decide not to speak.

Well, I know it's not that good lol but I kinda thought of that just then. Hope you liked it:)

Posted by crazy3/lindseyworld at 2:30 PM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 3 July 2004 1:14 PM EDT
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