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Leslie's Summer 2004

Leslie's Summer 2004
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Sisterly Love

The greatest sister in the world, Julia, and I just foolin' around at Huntville's putt-putt course in June.


This is my best little buddy ever, and one of the cutest 8-year-olds I know!: Jacolby Baker! I am so lucky to know this little boy, and many others like him. Please pray for him and his BIG family! He has 5 brothers and 2 sisters!

Behind the Masks...

These are just a few of the kids my family teaches on Wednesday nights at Huntsville's Inner City Church. On this night we were posing as some of the animals that God created on the 6th day!

More Beautiful Faces...

My sister and I went on our youth group's mission trip to Houston, TX once again in July. I wish everyone could go at least once! Damariz,10,(on left) is one girl I've known for 6 years now. The other kids are her brother, Jose, and her sister, Mayra.

Friends Forever

Julia (my sis) was lucky enough to spend time with one of her buddies long after most of the kids had gone home. This is her and her little friend, Trentonisha.

Huntsville's Newest Christian!

Seth Johnson is such a joy to so many people, inculding these precious little hispanic boys in Houston. Seth was changed on this trip, like so many are every year. He was baptized the day after we returned to Huntsville! Please pray for his young christian spirit!

My Pimps!

Working with the 5th graders in Houston was such a BLAST! These two were among the toughest looking, but most kind-hearted boys that me and Seth met! This is a picture of Alfredo and Luis, my buddies for some of the week.

"Love is in the Air!"

Since returning from Houston, we've been blessed by 70+ kids at Huntsville's inner city program, LIFT. On Friday, July 16, we took a fieldtrip to the skating rink, and this is the newest couple after the event!: 7-year-old Serria, and 8-year-old Terrance! Aren't they cute?!

If You Love Jesus, Smile!

Still at the skating rink: Desmond,5, and I posing for one last picture before leaving. (Yes,Desmond is a boy, a very pretty-faced boy! He's gorgeous!)

My Buddy!

I absolutely LOVE this boy! I can't get enough of him! This is Jacolby and I before the most exciting part of a day at LIFT....Ticket Time!!!

Fun in the Sun...

For our fieldtrip on the 2nd week of LIFT, we went to Huntsville's Botanical Gardens and played in the water at several "Water Zone" stations...lots of fun!

Another Priceless Moment!

After we thought God had touched our lives so much, he managed to touch us again. 10-year-old Reginald Sherrod was baptized at the Inner-City Church on Friday, July 23, 2004 after a wonderful 2 weeks of LIFT! God is so AWESOME!