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Monkey Butler

How to Train Monkey Butlers

Everybody dreams of one day having their own monkey butler to cater to their every need. A monkey butler is a big responsibility and takes time to train. I am here to tell you that you can have your own monkey butler if you take the time to learn the steps of training a monkey butler. You can have your monkey butler after a few steps, selecting a monkey, what use you have for the monkey, monkey grooming, the basics, start off slow and the final step. With these few simple instructions you should have a good butler in no time.

The first step in obtaining a monkey butler is finding just the right monkey for you. You need to know what size of monkey you are going to need to perform the tasks needed. You donít want to big of a monkey otherwise you have no room for them and they can get in the way, not to mention that they will eat more food. On the other hand you donít want your monkey to be too small otherwise he wonít be able to handle a tray full of drinks or other chores he might need to perform for you. This might be a very tedious job but it is an essential in the proper usage of a monkey butler.

Step two is to establish a use for your monkey butler and his desired tasks. If you want him to serve drinks he is going to have to be trained in balance and how to hold a glass proper. If your monkey butler is going to move food then you want to make sure he is well groomed and can hold a platter without spilling it. You can also have your monkey butler do some chores and supervise other butlers. He may also be useful as a door man in which case you want him to be friendly and have a nice suit.

In step three you will be taking care of your monkey and making sure he is well groomed and in good health. Start by making sure your monkey has had all of his shots and has seen the veterinarian recently. Next give your monkey a bath and make sure you clean it thoroughly so that you know he has no problems and is in good shape to be around people. You want to make sure he has no insects on him and that nothing is going to get into food or on people. Then just until he is trained for the house make sure he wears a diaper for the training.

Now you are going to want to start the actual training of your monkey. You want to start with the basics. One of the basics is to start the potty training right away and positively reinforce your monkey when he does something right that way he remembers to do it. Once he learns to potty you can remove the diaper and start on something a little harder like holding a glass. Once you have gone over a few of the basics and it has them down right, with the proper amount of positive and negative enforcement it should take no time.

Once the small steps have been taken you want to start him off slow. When you have him serve a person let him take his time and serve one person at a time so he doesnít get confused and start to get angry, a confused angry monkey is no fun for anyone. When he is just starting you want to have the monkey only work for so long and then give him a break. This is a good way to keep your monkey awake and not too tired. This rest ensures the monkey to be a happy and all around friendlier monkey.

Once your monkey butler is fully trained you can have him serve all the people you want. You still want to give your monkey butler a break whenever possible. This helps him be the best butler he can be. This is when you want to get your monkey butler a couple of comfortable suits. This way your monkey is presented in a gentleman like manner. You want your monkey butler to have his own room so he has a place to relax and feel wanted and need this helps him more to adjust. Now that your monkey can perform his tasks you can bring in another monkey and have the new one partially trained by your old one that way you are on your way to having a full staff of butlers.

Now that you know of the responsibilities and training involved with a monkey butler you can enjoy him. These few and simple steps will take some time to get going but it will make for a good conversation when your friends come over and are jealous that you have a monkey butler. So enjoy and remember that a monkey butler is a great thing.