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KeNny IsN't CrAzY!

DoUg JeRoMe CrOsS AkA:

My Little BIG home Page about Kenny

Parody Names:
eminem: skittle
and1: also5
aeropostle: aerostaple
windows: doors
microsoft: computerhard
Angelfire: devilsnow
van dutch: car swiss
birdhouse; ratcage
Girls are weird:
1. They wisper, but don't shutup (most)
2. Have the best ideas
3. look like angels but are devils

A Link a day, keeps the boogerman away | L is for Link | Rhymes with Stink | Why must Angelfire be so cool?

Me @ the mall:
Don't know where things are! Don't have Money! Who am I kiding i've never been to the mall
Mj isn't God:
boy; daddy is god man or woman dad : both boy: daddy is god black or white dad: both boy: daddy is god michael jackson?

Poke my pet penquin!( rally fast about 25 times)
KeNny KickFlips all around!

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