The Kentucky Blueberry Growers Association

Cooperation Not Competition

President: Larry Martin Sr.
The Kentucky Blueberry Growers Association, Inc.
1103 West Stockton Street
P. O. Box 116
Edmonton, Kentucky 42129

Vice President: Larry Martin Jr.
Secretary:Jennifer Martin
Treasurer: Larry Martin Sr.
Festival Director: Larry Martin Sr.
phone (270) 432-2601
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The KBGA is your information and contact source for fresh handpicked blueberries and U-pick farms in and around Kentucky due to our extensive membership.

Beginning in 2008 the KBGA will also be supplying packaging and lables for blueberry growers. KBGA will have association specific packaging for its members and generic packaging for non members.

The Kentucky Blueberry Growers Association, Inc. (KBGA) is a for profit company that was formed in 2002 by Mr. and Mrs. Larry Martin Sr.to create an organized base for Blueberry growers. The KBGA is used for informational purposes associated with growing and marketing of blueberries. It is also a place where people can ask questions, share information, resources and share experiences. Although the KBGA was originally formed with the idea of helping Kentucky based growers it seems the association is doing such a good job that members are joining from all over,our motto of "Cooperation Not Competition" is well deserved and it shows. The KBGA publishes a newsletter for members,holds meetings, encourages ideas and suggestions, provides equipment for member use, promotes blueberries through such things as the annual Blueberry Festival held in Edmonton (Metcalfe county), KY, and has a goal of being able to offer blueberry growers the supplies and equipment they need at a reduced cost. Members of the KBGA are offered opportunities to work with fellow growers but are under no obligation to do so. The KBGA is pleased to be a part of this fast growing agricultural opportunity and will do all it can to develop markets and to promote the blueberry industry in Kentucky and surrounding states.

The newsletter is used to help our members with commonly known problems or answer common questions. We use this publication as a means of offering our products to the growers as well as passing on valuable information on common issues, facts, and other blueberry related news and ideas. It is the intention of the KBGA to have this remain a low cost service to the supporting members of the association.

The KBGA's current headquarters is in Metcalfe County, Kentucky. It is the KBGA's goal to help with the organization of blueberry growers by helping them with valuable information on grants, markets, and supplies. The KBGA also prides itself as being one of the most knowledgeable sources of help and resources in the blueberry industry.

The members of the KBGA are the backbone of the association, the success of this organization is linked directly to the membership through their willingness to share and help, and lets not forget all their hard work, it is not easy to keep and grow such a successful association. The members are good people who work hard to make this association the best it can be and you will never meet a nicer group of people.

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