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" That Damn Good! "

Roleplay Title: "Seeing what Winnepeg thinks. But who cares"! - Smackdown #3
WWF Record - W-L-D: 06 - 02 - 00
Next Match: On SmackDown against Chris Benoit
Promo Number: #30

The scene opens up to Kurt Angle outside in public infront of some pretty tall buildings and he is wearing a leather jacket and there are thousands of people walking around him and going into stores. And then Kurt Angle puts his head down and then he puts it back up and smiles.

' "The Olympic Hero" Kurt Angle: Yup it's your favorite wrestler and your favorite Olympian Kurt Angle. As you can see I am here in Winnepeg Manitoba Canada where it's a little cold but of course a little weather can't stop me! I am here to ask people what are there thoughts on my match against there HomeTown Hero Chris Benoit and who they think will win. So let's begin.

Then the camera fades away and comes back to Kurt Angle walking around and then he sees this hot women with two of her other good looking friends. Then he stops them.

' "Very Slutty" ' Girl: Auh. What are you doing?

' "The Olympic Hero" ' Kurt Angle: I am pretty sure you girls watch wrestling. So I was wondering this Thursday Night who do you think will win the match between me and Chris Benoit?

' "Very Slutty" ' Girl: Oh I know you your that Kut Angle dude who is in the Main Event at Vengeance. This Thursday Night Chris Benoit is totally going to kick your ass dude!

Then Kurt Angle get's a shocked and angry expression on his face.

' "The Olympic Hero" ' Kurt Angle: What do you know your just a teenager. For the fact of the matter I am going to kick Chris Benoit's ass on SmackDown this Thursday and he won't even be able to walk anymore!

Then Kurt walks away angry and mutters to himself. {Those bitches!} Then the camera fades again and comes back to Kurt Angle and he sees these teenage boys. Then he approaches them.

' "The Olympic Hero" ' Kurt Angle: Do you boys watch wrestling?

' "Wannabe Pimp" ' Boy: Yeah I love wrestling. And this Thursday Night Chris Benoit is going to kick that Kurt Angle dudes ass!

Then Kurt Angle begins to laugh. And walks away.

' "Wannabe Pimp" ' Boy: Hold up was that Kurt Angle right there?

' "The Olympic Hero" ' Kurt Angle: I guess this town is full of special ed crackheads. How can anybody think that I will lose to a guy like Chris Benoit. I will beat that son of a bitch down to a bloody pulp. And this Thursday Night on SmackDown I will prove Chris Benoit wrong. I will knock another tooth out. The guy hasn't even been seen ever since our match was announced. Chris if you don't want to show up I don't care you can go hang out with other losers like A.J. Styles who make a big deal about losing one match. But all that I care about is winning. And on SmackDown I will do just that!

Then Kurt Angle gets intense and then the camera fades away to a commercial break.

O.O.C. Message:Sorry so short not much to say..

Tapped or Snapped:
Johnny Stamboli [x2]; Shawn Michaels [x2]; Razor Ramoan [x1]; Shane Helms [1x]; Chris Benoit ???
WWF: Signing with the WWF, Won Debut Match, Made it into the second round of the King of the Ring tournament, HaRdCore Champion 2X (Former), Main Evented SmackDown 1X, Main Evented Vengeance 2004

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