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This page is just a rough guideline, below are a few basic questions that are commonly asked with a general overview of a basic Jolly Jumper moonwalk rental.  It's just a little basic knowledge for safety and guidance for future rentals with Jolly Jumpers.


Q.    Are your Jolly Jumpers insured?

A.    Yes we carry 100% liability insurance on all items rented out to the public.  We may be a couple of dollars more than our competitors, but our insurance bill is outrageous!  We could rent cheaper with no insurance, but that would be stupid.  For an additional fee of $150.00 we can even add you to our policy for that extra piece of mind.  The State of New Hampshire does not require insurance for private backyard parties that's how uninsured companies charge less.

Q.    Can a Jolly Jumper be set up on asphalt?

A.    Just about anywhere that is flat and level.  Jolly Jumpers prefer grass, but can be set up on a hard surface like asphalt and concrete.  Jolly Jumpers must be notified if a hard setup at the time of the reservation.  So that trucks can be loaded with proper equipment.  There is an additional charge of $30.00 for hard setups.

Q.    What should I do in preparation for the arrival of my Jolly Jumper.

A.    All Jolly Jumper rentals are 15ft high 15ft wide and 15ft long.  A standard 20 x 20 area is sufficient and remember to check over head for branches and wires and inform driver of under ground sprinklers.  You should be within 75ft of a standard 110 volt 15amp circuit, power source, dedicated just for the motor nothing else.  The motor draws 12 amps and run you about  .17 - .25 cents an hour to run.  The area should be cleaned up off all rocks, sticks, foreign material and you pets bombs before the arrival of Jolly Jumpers LLC.

Q.    Can I pick up my Jolly Jumper?

A.    Sorry, the answer is NO.  Here at Jolly Jumpers it is our policy.  No customer pick ups, all inflatable rentals shall be set up by a trained professional and removed in the same manner.  We are committed to safety and will supply you with do's and don'ts of the equipment you have rented.  Safety First then Fun.

Q.    Can I rent a Jolly Jumper for a 1/2 day?

A    If you would like a 1/2 day that's fine but the price stay's the same.  It takes up the same amount of time, labor, and gas as a full day rental.

Q.    Do you do weekend rentals?

A.    Yes we do but only for the standard Jolly Jumpers.  No Slides or Obstacle courses are left overnight.  If you are a business and looking for extended rentals contact Jolly Jumpers we do many weekly rentals.

Q.    How many kids can jump at once?

A.    Manufactures recommendations are as followed.

        ages 3 - 5     10 children

        ages 6-8        8 children

        ages 8-12      6 children

        older teens and adults 4

All Jolly Jumpers are fire retardant, industrial strength quality made from lead free vinyl, and will hold up to 1,000lbs.  If you can squeeze through the hole go in and have some fun!  Children should be grouped by size avoiding old teens and small children.

Q.    I've got Silly String and Fireworks!

A.    Silly String and Fireworks are like holding a match to the scarecrow on the Wizard of Oz.  You just can't get the Silly String out and the Fireworks melt the vinyl leaving holes everywhere.  If you do it you own it!

Q.    Can I rent a Jolly Jumper and charge money?

A.    Yes and No.  Before renting any jumper there is a few things you should know.  First when charging any money to the public for use, all inflatables are considered and amusement device. 1) The State does require proof of insurance.  2) The State does require yearly inspections to see if the unit is safe to the public.  3) All inflatables and blowers are issued an ID number which is to be mounted to the blowers along with which is to be mounted to the blower along with a yearly inspected sticker.  4) The State requires advanced written notice of where your event is taken place along with times and dates.  5) The State also does random inspections for the safety of the public and if none of the above is in place you maybe shut down and fined.  6) If someone is hurt while charging money without the proper requirements you may be held liable for the injuries.  7) And yes Jolly Jumpers does have State inspected units. 

Q.    My dog wants to jump!

A.    The only thing we like in out Jolly Jumpers is children and adult's maybe a balloon or two.  You maybe held liable for damages beyond normal wear and tear.  A little common sense goes a long way.

Q.    Are Jolly Jumpers Safe?

A.    With proper adult supervision you'll never have a problem we do numerous events each year with upwards of 600+ kids and never had a problem.  Our drivers will go over a safety list with you to answer any questions you may or may not have, at the time of delivery.  Here at Jolly Jumpers we are very safety conscious, if your not call the other guy!

Q.    It's raining the morning of my party!

A.    No problem, we usually start calling around 7am to discuss the weather, check out the latest Doppler radar reading, and view weather updates for the rest of the day.  For the safety of the children Jolly Jumpers may cancel at any time in certain weather conditions.  If there is a 60% chance of rain, it may or may pour.  That's why we call and leave it up to you.  If you cancel a refund will be issued, should you say yes once the trucks leave there will be no refund.

Q. How come your drivers are always so happy?

A.    There not, it's just a show.  Just kidding!  Our drivers are family orientated and so it for some extra money.  It's not uncommon to see them with one or two of there own kids with them.  Getting paid with your kids how can you go wrong.  You may tip the driver, but the kids usually get the money.

        Hopefully  as you have viewed the pages on this sire you have come away with some valuable understandings about inflatable rentals in New Hampshire and beyond.  Here Jolly Jumpers, you can see that we take things to the extreme for the safety of the children around us.  Not only has it been a learning lesson for us but also for the companies around us who are always wondering what we're up to next.  The Pages an this site are to inform the customer and competitors what to look for when renting any inflatable, for your next party or event.  Always shop for a reputable company that carries insurance, has a great customer relationship and friendly service.  If you find all three price shouldn't be an issue.  We are just mom and pop with four kids trying to make a living in a six month season.  We're the ones you've come to know and trust.

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