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Paige's Blog
Wednesday, 27 October 2004
Some Teachers
Mood:  irritated
Man I am so tired there is nothing to do....Lunch is just getting more boring by the day there is like 48 mins and Meghan is sometimes in a bad mood and so then I ain't gunna wanna hang out with her because of that and I try not to be rude and it is so hard when she is rude first but whatever...and then last period is office aid for me and I had to go collect some papers from some teachers and this one guy teacher was uhhh I guess yelling at his class cause they were getting in trouble for something and so I walked in to get the papers and I asked him for them and he was like I will take care of it and took the folder from me and I just stood there and he goes do you need it back and I was like yeah because I have to go to other teachers and get work from them too and he was like well then I will send the papers over there and I was like well I need them to take to him and he was like I said I will take care of it! like he was yelling at me and but sir I was told to come get the papers from you and he looked at me and said EXCUSE ME I SAID THAT I WILL TAKE THE PAPERS and I turned to walk out and then turned back around and said WELL EXCUSE ME FOR DOING MY JOB and just left I was so mad man he ticked me off. But the rest of the teachers were nice to me. God I can't wait to graduate even though that is 2 years away which is a really long time oh well things will get better as life goes on (ha just kidding they will get harder) but it is something to look forward too. Well I think that I am going to let you go. Later.

Posted by crazy3/insanelooneytoon at 12:12 PM MDT
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Tuesday, 19 October 2004
Just chillen
Mood:  chillin'
I am just chillen in the library waiting for my bus to get here and I just cant wait well I can but whatever and another thing I have to clean my room when I get home cause if I don't then I cant go no where which will really suck cause I am going to hangout with my friend tonight at dance class it is really mom decided that she was going to join us though which is OK I guess sometimes it is and sometimes it isn't but whatever man....anyways still waiting for my bus to get here my room is a really big wreck and I will only have about one hour to clean it and it is sooo dirty that it might take longer than an hour to clean and that sounds so bad I know but since I have been kinda busy I had time to clean it and I am most definitely not a clean freak I actually like my room kinda dirty but yeah that might be weird for some people but yeah I think I am going to let you go cause I have to finish reading and sending emails...later

Posted by crazy3/insanelooneytoon at 2:47 PM MDT
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Monday, 18 October 2004
2 Months
Mood:  flirty
Today is 2 months for me and D.j. YAY!!! Anyways I am sitting in speech being bored cause this class when you are done you are done and there is nothing else you can do and no one has emailed me in a long time so I just can't think of anything else to do... but there is a big problem my first love moved away last year to the virgin islands with his parents and he came back this weekend and he is going to live in my neighborhood with this guy named matt and it is so bad I saw them at church yesterday and I had to take a second look just to make sure it was him and I freaked out alot but yeah I don't know where he is going to go to school at because there are two different schools in this district see if my boyfriend still went to school he would go to hays but I go to lehman which is so gay but he doesn't he works during the day. but I have to go class is almost over.

Posted by crazy3/insanelooneytoon at 8:02 AM MDT
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Monday, 4 October 2004
Some where else
Mood:  spacey
Man Sometimes I wish I was some where else you know what I mean?? I have my days where I would rather be some where besides where I am and I really don't know why. My weekend was boring my family went camping and usually I love camping but it flooded so bad and so we were stuck inside our camper. We just watched movies and sat around. "Second Hand Lions" is pretty hillarious movie for those of you who haven't seen it and if you like comedy that is a movie to see for sure. We started to watch "Cold Mountain" but I fell asleep and so did my nephew he is only one though. The third day was better than the first two because I got into the water but I didn't go swimming I just played with my nephew. Well Lunch is almost over so I will write more later.

Posted by crazy3/insanelooneytoon at 11:52 AM MDT
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Monday, 27 September 2004
Great Weekend
Mood:  happy
My weekend was so great!!! On friday we didn't go to the movies like we were suppose to we ended up going to the park in Buda which was fun considering we were by ourselves...We were really late getting to the movies so we ended up just leaving and we were going to go to the football game but we didn't really want to so then we went to sonic and then to the park we had alot of fun!! Halloween is going to be so great!! We have planned alot of stuff but I ain't saying anything till we know for sure what we are going to do. Well school is gay like always and Dj has to work today..But hopefully I get to talk to him tonight on the phone. I am really tired. Well lunch is almost over and I don't have much time to do anything so I think I will let you guys go. Later

Posted by crazy3/insanelooneytoon at 11:41 AM MDT
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Thursday, 23 September 2004
Today is a lazy day..
Mood:  lazy
Today is one of those days where you just want to lay down and chill out not do anything at all...yeah right I wish I could have one of those days I am in school of course at lunch very full and tired. I just wish I could go home. Well this weekend I am not going to hang out with my friend Meghan we are going to do that some other time. My great aunt is coming from Alabama which will be something new for me because I have never met her before so that will be really different. My mom said she has a daughter named Paige which will be weird for me considering my name is Paige. But it is all good. Well Me Jenn Larry and are going to the movies night most and we are going to See "The Forgotten" which will be cool, I think the movie will be weird something else different to see. Then we are most going to go hang out at Larry and 's house and watch the movie "Dazed and Confused" That movie is so . Well anyways I think I will let you go. Later

Posted by crazy3/insanelooneytoon at 11:51 AM MDT
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Tuesday, 21 September 2004
This weekend..
Mood:  bright
Yay...This weekend I am most likely going to the Movies, then maybe the HAYS REBELS football game, then I am spending that night at my friend Jenns house, through out all this I get to see Dj! And then on saturday I am hoping to go to my friend Meghans house and she is going to show me how to feed her horses because I am feeding them while she is going to luckenbach and so Yeah I am hoping to do all that this weekend!! But it is only Tuesday so I dont know how this weekend is going to turn out! I hope that all goes well. Anyways I am sitting in English today it is only 3rd period and next I have office aid. Which always goes by fast and then lunch time yay! Well anyways this class is almost over so gtg. Write more later.

Posted by crazy3/insanelooneytoon at 10:00 AM MDT
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Friday, 17 September 2004
Mood:  rushed
You know I was thinking about this and I never even told you alittle about me I just started typing but that is alright I am in the library in kinda a weird situation cause my ex is in here and it is so hard i dont know i guess you had to know the relationship. Anyways...I am kinda feeling rushed because I have this Damn project due on monday and I don't think I have anything done ok we have one minute left of class gtg. Later

Posted by crazy3/insanelooneytoon at 1:34 PM MDT
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Thursday, 16 September 2004
Missing My Baby
Mood:  down
I haven't seen my boyfriend Dj in like 4 or 5 days and last night I talked to him till midnight and of course I am so tired today...School has been so long and he is at work today. I got my cell phone taken away about a week ago because I text to much which is all good cause in the long run it was worth it because now my mom is going to get me free texting cause she is tired of paying for the bill and I am like hell yeah!! I am in parenting class right now but I am not expecting to be a parent...not anytime soon...which is good...but i'm not saying that teen pregnancy is bad cause I don't think it is I just am not mature enough to have one yet. Well anyways I have this big project due tomorrow and so I better get back to it. UGH!! Later.

Posted by crazy3/insanelooneytoon at 12:49 PM MDT
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Wednesday, 15 September 2004
Mood:  a-ok
At school just chillen class is about to be over so i am about to leave but I will have time later to write more in here..

Posted by crazy3/insanelooneytoon at 1:41 PM MDT
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