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How to Play

Hockball is played by 4 members of each team. At the start of a game, rock, paper, scissors is played for possesion. After that, the ball is kicked from the ground to the other team. The recieving team catches the ball or picks it up and attempts to run the ball into the goal. The defending team is trying to stop this however, by any means necessary. If the attacking team fumbles the ball, the defending team now becomes the attacking team and trys to score on the goal. In this way, there is only one goal, and both teams try to score on it. This makes the game faster, and makes for a higher scoring game. After a touchdown, the scoring team kicks off (just as at the beginning of the game) to the other team. A popular format for the game is first team to 5, then halftime, and then first one to 10 in the second half. Points do not start over in second half.

How to play Hockball

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