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What is a Hock-Up?

Breakdown of a Hock-Up

A Hock-Up occurs when only 2 players have joined possession of the ball in a dogpile. For a Hock-Up to be legitmate, There must be joint possession, the players must be on the ground, under a dogpile, and there must be a 5 second countdown from the ref. After the 5 second countdown, both players relinquish the ball and the ref places the ball in the center of the goal at the same distance from the goal. Example, Hock-Up is signaled to the left of the goal at the 30 yard mark. The ball is moved to center of the goal at the 30 yard mark. If the Hock-Up is inside the 2 yard mark, it is moved to the 10 yard mark. When the location is signaled and the ball is placed, both players are line up in a 4 point stance 3 SSLs (Scotty Shoe Length) from the ball. On the count of 3 from the ref, both players lunge and attempt to knock the ball to their team, or get sole possession for themself. There cannot be 2 Hock-Ups in a row, so possession must be determined by the Hock-Up.