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History of Hockball

Stages of Hockball History

Hockball was invented one fine day in December, 2004. Most of the Board went out everyday after school to work out and play some football. Then Kevin thought he would show off and said "I bet you cant take the ball from me" and so Julian and Chad and Sam all tried to strip the ball from Kevin. When Kevin ran into the goal, he said he was safe and that he had scored a goal. This was the humble beginnings of hockball. The next day a few more players came out and divided themselves into two teams, which were later renamed the Hockers and Johnsons. After two days of defining rules as the game was played, a soccer coach tried to put us out of the game by not allowing us to play in the mud. That game was a draw because the coach interrupted it. In study hall later that week, Julian and Dalton wrote down the Original Rules of Hockball. It was signed by every Member of the Board and thus Hockball was officially born. Two Expansion Teams were attempted, but with no success. Then powerlifting came around and Hockball was forced onto the back burner for a while, but was flared again by new people eager to learn the ways. Two days later Hockball was banned from Central Highschool by Coach Ikeda. He said it was too dangerous, too rough, too made up. He is a non-believer, and he cannot stop us. Hockball games are now played on Sundays, at Arcadia Park.