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Sabrina's Dumb quotes.

This web site will be up soon. But a little backround information won't hurt. Sabrina is a Freshman in college at Fairmont University in West Virgina. This is about an hour and a half away from where I live. This girl is beyond stupid. She says really dumb things all of the time, I have yet to hear one half way smart comment expell from her mouth. We have heard her say many dumb things, but are waiting for a few more so we can make a decent website. "How did you meet Sabrina" you say? Well it all starts with a man who isn't so bright himslef but looks like Hippocrates compared to this woman, started dating her about a month ago and apparently doesnt relize shes a moron. :) It all goes down hill from there so if you really want to hear some stories e-mail me I'm Rikkilee and my e-mail is, just mark the title Sabrina and I will get back to you asap, but in the mean time, sit back and enjoy.