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Welcome to my XHTML website!† Here you can see what Iíve been studying lately as I take the Butler County Community College course IN112 HyperText Markup Language.

We are using HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and XHTML (Extensible Markup Language) to build websites. In addition, Iím troubleshooting faulty web pages and providing corrective HTML coding.

In the Digital Project section, you can see a list of projects Iíve been working on.

The XHTML Toolbox provides links to some of the handiest online resources for the XHTML developer.

In Team Members, you can learn more about the people Iíve been working with in class.

And About Meówell, that tells you a little more about who I am.

Here are few reasons:

Markup language coding skills are foundational for variety of web development professions, including web designer, multimedia programmer, interface designer, and more. Web developers use markup languages to obtain more control over layout and functionality than is possible with web page editors. Knowledge of markup language coding makes it easier to write fast-loading web pages and to troubleshoot web pages. Markup language knowledge is the basis for learning more advanced Internet technologies such scripting and forms development. It is also necessary preparation for advanced development tasks such as writing programs that output HTML.