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Welcome to the home of the criminals.I made this clan for a simple reason, to win. Ive ran with the best of them but i am not satisfied. For those that know who i am, then you know the skillz i bring. I just wanted to create my own clan, where people can be them selves, with none of the ass kissing little stuff that goes on in a clan. If you have been in one you know what i mean. Basicly here we will just be a bunch of crazy hard core, ass kickers and join ladders to win and thats it."No politics" we will run practices to polish our skillz. Ranks are available to those who earn them. No ass kissing to move up in ranks. Show your skillz by racking them killz and you will be noticed. I look for mature players with my skill level. If you are interested in joining the crew, you will be tried out by me. One on one in all fields flying planes, hueys and most important ground skills. The more ruthless you are the better. If some one has a problem with you "solve it I will back you 100%.I would also like to inform those that might be interested that we will have no allies with other clans. Friendships yes but once in the war it's kill time. "Something basic for you to look at for now.server opened as of saturday july 24.22 player server with 25 ventrillo and team speek.our server ip is or just type in the filter "criminals" you will find us.there in the server u will find info on the public ventrilo,so u can come in there and talk with us and get to know the crazy crew.if you can build web pages contact me.Be ez"



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