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THIS SITE IS DEAD DUE TO REVEALING CHEERS. Welcome to the Colt Crazies Website.  The Colt Crazies are diehard Christian Brothers Academy (NJ) Colts Fans.  The Colt Crazies are known for their insanity and provide a slight edge to the Colts' games.  The Colt Crazies will follow their team anywhere, for any game, at most any time. The Colt Crazies were founded in the 1970's. Fan groups giving the 'edge' were unheard of in New Jersey high school basketball. The popularity of this idea grew when CBA Alumns took their ideas to Duke and helped create the infamous Cameron Crazies. The Colt Crazies meanwhile have grown to be hated by central New Jersey and other high schools create their own student cheering sections based off the chants the Colt Crazies created i.e. The Pit Crew, Cougar Den etc. A majority claim these as original, but the true originality belongs to the Crazies. The crazies have grown in size, but the real reason people come back is because it unifies the student body. It brings together upper and lower classmen, it pulls together the baseball players with the chess team. The Colt Crazies provide something for everyone and are the primere "6th Man."













...and yes the creator of this webpage has no life, thankyou.