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October's theme: Halloween!

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Welcome, ladies, gentlemen and monsters of all ages to CheeseFondue! This site is guaranteed to make you laugh. Keep in mind that CheeseFondue & Co. cannot be held responsible if the customer is seriously injured/traumatized. Remember, no guarantees. Many will enter, you won't win. Batteries not included (buy them yourselves, bozos).
This site is not affiliated with cheese, fondue, cheese fondue, chocolate fondue, or any combination of said substances, so shut up already and don't ask where we got the name.
Say hi to the Dancing Party Dude!

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We apologize for the lack of updating over the past...dang, has it been a week? Ok, just stick with us, we'll be back after these messages, don't touch that remote, whatever, but we are having some changes in the company. Some people may be climbing the corporate ladder and others just fell off of it. CheeseFondue's web address will not be changed again, but we may not be updating for another two weeks. Why? You shall see.
Social Studies today was quite interesting. My teacher spent the first half of the block teaching us how to use reverse psychology on the Scantron machine. In the second half, I picked up some very interesting quotes:
"How does the stock market crash? Does someone like, break in and steal it?"
"Since when have politicians been human beings?"
*10/16* (again)
Poor Alex. Wasn't that a lovely mental picture she put in your mind? See previous entry for gory details.
Sorry about my not updating on Thursday. I was...umm...well, see, I had set painting after school and so did Sammy and then we were walking across the street to the Bagel Bin and I pretty much fell flat on my face, so I was at the doctor's all day Thursday after that. So basically the left side of my face is all either bruised or scraped and red. Not good. Also, my teeth cut the inside of my mouth and also a little bit of the outside too.

And I'm going to get my Halloween costume today! I still don't know what I'm going to be so I'll just have to choose something when i get there.
I'll only be picking my nose on Halloween, Alejandra (as she is called in Spanish class). Don't forget to email poor Alejandra ideas for her Halloween costume!

Overheard at the book fair in our school today: "This book is so much more stupider than that one."
"Books! There are too many dang books!! Aaaah!!"
Nice Halloween costume, Colleen...don't hurt yourself on Halloween.
I (Alex) actually have absolutely no clue what I should be for Halloween so if you have any ideas (no, I do not want to be Vice President Cheney for Colleen) for me, e-mail them (use the button up at the top of the page).
I had something really good to post today but now I can't remember what it is. Oh well.
Did you know that aside from Columbus Day (observed), today is also National Kick-Butt Day?

Hey there, this is Colleen speaking...uh, typing. This is what my online horoscope said today after announcing that I have attracted a guardian angel and that my logical state of mind may be twisted: "This is the best time for you to show the world that you are up for any type of adventure -- even the paranormal kind!"
Paranormal indeed.

Today I also went to a costume store and bought my Halloween costume. I am going to be President Bush (accompanied by Karen as Kerry). I bought a Dubya mask that doesn't look that much like him (I'll probably end up painting the hair grey-it's brown and flesh colored at the moment) and a little devil-themed pitchfork. They go together.
Sorry I didn't update earlier, I was being driven nuts by my science project!!! Aaaaarg!!!!!
Colleen has Astroturf in her basement!!! Blue Astroturf!! It's cool!! (this is Alex though.)
Colleen: "Are Barbie and Ken married or are they just boyfriend and girlfriend?"
Karen: "Depends on what model you get..."
I have been having too much homework to update too, occasionally.
And guess what? Tuesday was Spinach Lovers Day!! I can't remember what today is, though. October 30th is Haunted Refrigerator Night, and October is National Cookie Month!! Whoohoo!!!
You'll have to excuse Alex. She can't seem to find it in her heart to update. Bad Alex, bad. Well, actually, excuse me too. I had too much homework on Monday to update. Hopefully Alex will post her excuse later.

Arianna: "You know, sleep is really annoying. I mean, I love it to death and all, but if you don't get enough that really sucks."
Geez, Alex, update once in a while.

Today we have a link to a great site, "Mississlippy", submitted to us by webmaster Matt, a real person (we think...*evil music in background*), not one of those imaginary friends I'm always talking to in math (Hey, not my fault. Bob and Georgette just never shut up). But that's only because I have nothing better to do, except look out the window and wish I was on the other side of it. Here's a link to Mississlippy: Clicketh me
Wow, the first day of October!

Yesterday we had a fire drill. Alex and I (Colleen) were in Spanish at the time. When the alarm starts ringing everybody gets up, of course. The Spanish teacher yells, "Wait, wait 'til I'm done taking attendance!" Oh, yes, attendance is soooo much more important than our safety and well-being. Well, at least you'll know who's absent when we're all burned to a crisp.
Another time last week the class was running late and when the bell rang people stood up to put up their chairs (because we have Spanish last period) but Mrs. Valerio, our dear Spanish teacher, starts screaming, "Sientense! Sientense!!!" and we couldn't leave until everyone sat down again.
Happy Birthday to Colleen's cousin Jen!!!! Check out her site: click here. See, it's the party dude partying for birthdays...
Welcome to our Links and Site Rater Section!
This is where we post our favorite links and rate the sites they go to! If you want to see if your site can make the list, just click the little e-mail button up there and send us your site! We rate sites by stars, 5 being the best.
CheeseFondue Staff: Complete list and profiles of all our staff members here at CheeseFondue (we didn't rate this one 'cause it would get ten stars...people might think we're biased or something). It used to have 5 stars, but we changed it to four after they started charging to get the nice versions of games. Still, it's a very good website with all sorts of games with candy in them.
Smiley Site: Ok, so there's nothing to do except look at it, but this is so cute we had to put it on! It brightens any day up!
Splish Splash Baby: This is so funny! It's just this little...we think they call it a funflash...that's so cute! We even memorized the lyrics! If you like this one, you can also check out:
Burp So Good: Another five stars!
Mississlippy: This site was sent to us through email by "Matt". Thank you for emailing us!!!!!! Gaaa! This site has a lot of info to keep you morons entertained. There's even a joke of the day, which is more than I can say for us *cough cough*. What are you still reading this for? Click on the link already!
Dancing Jello: Our friend Arianna and her friend Anna run this Harry Potter fanatic site. We award their obsession!
Make Your Own Bush Speech Sooooo hilarious. You can choose the words to make your own Dubya speech, complete with crowd boos and farts.
Funky Chickens This place is an excellent site where we get almost all of the html codes and tags that make these very words appear in front of your eyes.
Bells n Whistles Awesome free graphics site where almost all of our graphics come from.
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