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Update: Ok so some of you are going to think that I have sold out. But when it came time to buy a new car there was nothing made by Saab in the last 7 years that I wanted (not to say they are junk just not what I wanted in a car). Oh and trust me I looked. I test drove around 20 different cars before replacing my 1989 C900TC with a BMW M3 Convertible. As for Saabs well I tried a 2003 95 Aero, 2004 93, looked at the 92x but I did not want a WRX (sorry but it just is). I also drove AUDI A4s, S4s, A6s, BMW M3, 325i’s, 330ix’s, Porsche Boxter, Mazda RX8’s, Mazda Speed 6, MK5 VW GTI (Runner Up), Mercedes C230’s, E430 Sport and on and on. If Saab still made cars like the classic 900 Turbo I would have been all over it. I know I have been saying I am going to be replacing this site for sometime but I have been trying to Start up a Machine Shop for custom Saab and Porsche parts and that has been taking up a lot of my so called free time. I am talking with a company to host a REAL Saab site and hope to start work on it very soon. I have been working on some custom parts for the C900 and the 9000 in the shop and hope to have the testing done soon. I think this may be stuff you guys are going to like. I have been working on a Cold air kit for the C900 turbo “that works”, aluminum idler pulleys for the B234 engine and some other stuff. This is all stuff I have wished I could buy for my fleet. I will be offering this stuff online when it is ready. I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone that has been e-mailing me with your kind words of support for this site. I to would like to have a place where I can speak my mind freely about Saabs without fear of being booted off. I want people to be able to speak their minds. Thanks again guys. Feel free to contact me at I am not Master Yoda when it comes to Saabs but what I don't know I can find out. I still have tons of parts and some good connections to get what I don't have. I think we should all work together to keep our Saabs on the road.

Cars in my fleet and other Good links

1999 BMW M3 Convertible (Under Construction)
1989 Classic 900 Turbo Convertbile (Sold)
1988 Saab Classic 900 Turbo (Sold)
1994 9000 CSE (Sold)
1991 9000 Turbo, Pre, Aero (Sold)
Saabs waiting for the crusher
Mike's 1967 Porsche 911
The Cessna I Fly (Under construction)1 picture uploaded right now.
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My 55 Buick
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