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Haro! This is probably hiding behind some obnoxious ad, so I won't say much here other than have fun lookin' around at da blogness.


1.8.05 Epilogue for "ASW" is up! All done. 10.13.04 Chapter 11 of "TSnIK" is UP!
10.10.04 Chapter 15 of "A Strong Will" is *finally* up!
9.5.04. Rewrote Chapter 10. Baka no baka...
9.4.04. Updated "TSnIK". Chapter 10 is UP!
9.3.04. Added new Affy Banner! Dannette! check out her blog-- she's teh coolest.
9.1.04. "Desperation" updated!
8.30.04. ::Birth of BaNoNi::

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Just posting for the sake of an update; I haven't been keeping this up at all lately very well. The family situation really has taken its toll on me spiritually and emotionally, so it's a challenge just to stay sane enough to get through school right now. Please bear with me for a while.

(I realize the banner moves, but on firefox, it's right about here...)

Anyway, I haven't given up on my stories. I just finished "ASW" over the break, and I'm in the active process of revising it. I'm also most of the way through Chapter 13 of "TSnIK", and Chapter 14 is outlined (it should be a little easier to write anyway). I'm actively working on "Igo" now - Chapter 2 has been started, and I'm still getting the necessary research done. I also might be starting a manga (if not, then an original story) with my artist friend Mike, if he has time and motivation. I'll give links to that if/when it's available.

I doubt anyone's reading this, but for those of you who are, this is what's going on lately in the insane life of Baka. XP I'm not really too enthusiastic about anything fun tonight, so I'm off to bed a bit early for me.

Baka is down @ 1.09 pm | 1.15.05 // |

can't sleep, clowns will eat me

Gwar... Guess what! It's past 4 am, and I'm getting up for breakfast with my buddies at 8. >< Am I stupid or what? ^^; Well, I can't quite help it if I'm sleepy and yet I can't sleep! T_T Then again, it is kind of my fault for playing RO too late... again...
Yeah, I'm bad.

Anyway, we're all moved out of the old house (I -think-... I don't get as much news here at school as I do at home XD). At least I'm moved out. Now all that's left is the unpacking. Yuck. XP I'm sharing a room with my older sister, and we have a new futon! Yay! ^^ And the room is decorated nicely from what I hear. Can't wait to settle in! XD

SO yeah, it's the middle of finals week. I had 2 finals and 2 essays due on Monday, and now all that's left is a paper that's due on Friday. Not terrible, but I do need to get it done soon... ^^; Finals = no fun. Just take my word for it, 'kay? XD

Still dealing with the family issue. I just don't think about it as much when I'm at school (i.e. I have my distractions), but it's still there. I'm still upset, too, and somewhat bitter. But hey, it's life, and hopefully I can deal with it the way God wants me to deal with it. All I can say is that I have a righteous anger. XP

On the brighter side, I did finish Get Backers over break! Yay! ^^ AND IT'S SOOOO GOOD, I WANT A SECOND SEASON! T_T Hehe... And I finished Fullmetal Alchemist, too!!! SECOND SEASON PLEAAAASE!!!!! XD No, I'm not obsessed...
Okay, okay, I -am- obsessed. I <3 GB and FMA. A LOT. Now I'm on to Witch Hunter Robin, around episode 11ish. I want to finish that over break along with (hopefully) some Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu!, Gundam Wing, Hellsing, and whatever else I can scrounge up. XD That's if I have time between family, unpacking, writing fanfics, and playing RO...

Yes, I've mentioned RO (Ragnarok Online) a few times now. I once swore that I wouldn't play it until break. I lied. I broke last week (much of it's my boyfriend's fault! SERIOUSLY), and I'm already addicted. So, if you play on the Valhalla server of RO, feel free to find me! I have 6 characters, but I'm most likely on either Mizuumi (my archer) or Moose Kabob (my mage). Gah, what have I done?! XD I just spent the night leveling up Mizuumi with my friend Mike... and he got slaughtered by mistake. T_T So yeah. Tanking got killed. XP

Anyway, if you're all confused now, that's fine. XD Christmas Presents!!! Got one from my friend, soft teddy bear and Ghiradelli chocolate! Mmmmm! I also went shopping today at the anime store! I found out that it's REALLY close to my old high school AND the new condo, so it's really handy! ^^ Fweeee~! <3 I got a Riza Hawkeye figurine (FMA), a Gai figurine (Naruto), an Inuyasha wall scroll (for free, baybee! <3 teh Chadness! =3), and for Christmas my boyfriend got me an Inuyasha pillow too!!!!! *GLOMPS TEH CHAD* It's even IMPORTED from Japan, and it's like, SOFT! XD Has Inu on one side, and Sess on teh other! =3 ANYWAY. Then we came back and tried to use up as many of my excess dining points as possible (I still have a TON to get rid of in 2 days... ^^;;;) and played Mario 3 on NES (original, folks) while eating swedish fish and drinking rootbeer and watching the first ep of D.N. Angel. XD Lots of craziness. Yay for college! XD

Yay for college, that is, until they give you a roommate you can't deal with. I'm impossibly nervous - I just spent most of yesterday cleaning my dorm room in case housing decides to stick another person in here. I'm by myself for now, but I'm paying for a double, so the other half of the room technically isn't for me to use. Heh. They can put someone there without telling me first (as of now, I don't have a roomie, but they could change their minds over break). So, I might come back from break to find *gasp* A ROOMMATE. HAH. I just hope that if they do that, the person won't be scared by all the anime in my room. XD Weeeell, not -that- much anime stuff. Just a poster, a mini-poster, a painting, 2 figurines, a poring plushie, and a pillow. And all my Japanese decor. XD Hopefully she won't be too scared of me before I even get there! ^^; That's if they put someone in here... Oh, that reminds me. Still have to move the TV and refridge and VCR/NES/Sega Genesis around before I leave... T_T

Hm... what else to ramble on? OH! I sold a lot of my textbooks back! I can pay off my credit card bill for this month again! YAY! And I made some money, too... College Board pays ME now! >=3 I've proctored a few SATs, and they owe me money for it. Muahaha. AND I have a job next quarter! YAY, I get my old job back! (I needed a car for it this quarter, but I don't have a car yet, but now I won't need one! YAY!) So yeah. Let's hope that all continues to go well there. ^^;

On to writing / fanfiction news! XD I posted a new original over at (pen name: Twitt). Let me know what you think if you read it! ^^; I have the beginnings of a few more originals that I might try to pound out for the heck of it as well. ^^ I am nearly finished with the epilogue for A Strong Will. I just need to flesh out and/or combine the last two scenes, and then cart it off to my beta. XD Then I'm on to massive revision! BWAHAHAHAHA! >=3 Chapter 13 and half of Chapter 14 for Tada Soba ni Iru Kara have been outlined. I've barely started Chapter 13, but it's going to have to wait until ASW is finished. XP Lost Inside, Emptied Soul - I have NOT forgotten about this one. I actually started planning out some of the complicated stuff, so it's getting a start, even if it's small. Just be patient; it'll take me a while, I promise you that. ^^; For Igo, I still have research to do. I'm planning to learn how to play igo with my older sister over break, depending on how things work out. It'll be a BIG help to the story line if I learned how to play it well first, ne? XD Chapter 2 has been started, though! Yay! As for Desperation, no, I haven't forgotten about it. I'm just completely and utterly stuck, and I don't have a lot of motivation for it right now. I'm not abandoning it, but I am putting it on official hiatus until I can get it going again. XP Now Why Didn't I Think Of That?! - I don't have a whole lot of decent ideas for more RurouKen ones just yet, but I think I'll try to get a few more brewing one of these days. Wow, I got a LOT of reviews for the first one there... XD The Inuyasha collection has a few ideas coming out soon (very CRAZY ones... =3), I just have to sit down and make myself write them. Now would be the ideal time (i.e. middle of the night = more insanity), but I need the sleep more. XP I have about 3 more ideas once it's all said and done. XD I think that's it for writing news!

Yikes, it's LATE. I think I can sleep now... XD Hopefully. I have to get up soon anyway... XP NAPS! w00t for NAPS! And then paper writing. And then more RO so I can get a new job for my archer. XD SOOOO CLOSE!!! Hehehe... no, I'm not addicted! I'M NOT! NUUU! ... *plays more RO* XD Bah. IT'S YOUR FAULT, CHAD AND MIKE! YOUR FAULT! XD

Drop me a line! XD

Baka is turning into a zombie @ 4.43pm | 12.9.04 // |

between abodes... the floating residence!

Bwahaha... I'm actually taking a short break from moving to write up a quick entry for today! Yup... that's right... we're moving from our 2-story, 4-bedroom, 3-bath house to a 2-bed, 1-bath condo. There will be 5 of us living there, sorta. XD Long story. But you know what? I'm excited about it at the moment!

Anyway, I'm still at the old house for the moment. They took my bed out today (I didn't realize that they were moving it out today... so all the junk that was under it is now scattered on the floor XD), and my room looks so EMPTY! T_T But hey, I'm still excited. You know why? I have no clue. XD The new condo will be fun, though, even if I'm not really living there most of the time (I live on campus at school, thankfully). Yeah, it is kinda weird being between 3 different abodes right now... Old home, new home, and school. As Nekotsuki puts it, *heh*. XD

At any rate, I still haven't been able to get my 2 papers done (blegh), and that's also why I haven't finished up "A Strong Will" yet, or the next "Tada Soba ni Iru Kara" chapter yet. I did almost finish "ASW" the other night, but I got caught staying up really late (the 'joys' of parents... XD). That's my excuse. XD And as for "TSnIK"... I'm waiting to get "ASW" done first. ^^; OH, but I did start outlining a LOT for "LIES" and I began the next chapter of "Igo," so this week hasn't been wholly unproductive in the fanfiction realm. If only my papers were so easy to write... XD

So yeah, that's about it for now. Thanksgiving was actually really fun... I helped cook all morning, and it went really fast this time. ^^ Even though we were packing in between everything, I still got to set the table, and it was all good. XD (I -always- get to set the table... it's tradition, you know, have to let out that inner decorator in me!) We took pics, so maybe I'll filch those off my dad and post a few. Maybe. XD

I'm almost done with Get Backers! Only 4 more episodes to go! T_T (I LOVE it so much that I don't want it to end yet!!! *wails*) Finishing up Witch Hunter Robin is next on my list, and then Fullmetal Alchemist, and then Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu! after that. XD What a list, ne? (Doesn't even include Gundam Wing, Hellsing, or Evangelion! Bwahaha...) :3 Yay for shameless otaku-ism.

A'ight, that's it for now! Drop me a line! XD

Baka is between residences @ 3.32pm | 11.26.04 // |

Baka is on Vacation!

Tada ima! XD Yes, yes... it's Thanksgiving break, and I get the whole week off! Yay! ^^ So yeah, I'm here all week, but now I'm stuck on a 56k connection because our broadband pooped out on us. XP Doesn't matter much anyway since we're in the process of moving, and we'll be switching to DSL soon anyway.

Anyway, I don't really have a whole lot to say today, since I'm at home on a Saturday night... bored... nothing to do except goof off XD. Ain't vacation awesome? But then, I do have 2 papers and a few short stories to get to work on, so I'm not completely left with nothing to do while all my school friends go home. *sigh*

Hehehe... we just finished this one international relations simulation thing for my Political Science class, and I was acting as Egypt's National Security Advisor! It was sooo much fun! XD If we hadn't needed to be serious, our Egypt team probably would've planned to take over the world, lolz... THAT was fun! ^^ Instead, we had to go for peace between Israel and Palestine, which still didn't fully work out since the Palestinian team was a no-show. XP Oh well, we win! XD

In other news... XD I'm no longer hopelessly single! :3 *glomps teh Caelque* Yes yes... I miss him, though, since he left this morning for break! T_T (Then again, I'm talking to him on AIM at the moment... :3 Fweeee~!) He's so sweet. ^^

Well, since I'm done blabbing for today, I think I'll shut up now! ... OH... Check out teh new layout! *glomps Dannette* I just started reading the Saiyuki manga, so the background pic is a scanned in page from the cover of the second volume. :3 The same pic is my current wallpaper, too... XD I'm not obsessed, honest! ^^;

Drop me a line! XD

Baka is plotting world domination @ 7.19pm | 11.20.04 // |

Baka is screwed...

Man, I really hate myself at the moment. I REALLY needed to be at my first class this morning for a discussion (hey, you know you NEED to be there when the prof comes up to you later and tells you to BE THERE), and of course my alarm clock chooses this morning to not wake me up. I set my alarm an hour and a half before class starts so I can get myself out of bed in time after hitting the snooze button a few times. This time, the alarm goes off at the right time, I get up to hit snooze (it's across the room so it makes me wake up to hit snooze), and then I go back to bed. A phone call wakes me up FOUR DAMN HOURS LATER. So yeah. I'm screwed. I was SO ready for the discussion, too! I'd taken really good notes on the reading, and I was fully prepared to participate. But noooooo, my alarm clock doesn't WAKE ME UP, and now I'm left really pissed at myself and really screwed in terms of the class. My prof is gonna kill me. (Gah, one thing about private schools like this-- the profs DO care if you're there, and they DO take roll and include participation in the grade, unlike a large public school prof would.) You know what? She would be mad at me anyway even if I -did- tell her why I didn't make it to class. Yeah, I'm screwed, and I'm really really pissed at myself about it. Seriously. Gah.

Okay, now that I've ranted, I have to finish cramming for a quiz that I was going to study for between my first two classes and lunch, but NOOOO... You get the picture. *hits head on desk repeatedly* Argh, I'm in deep sh*t this time.......

Jaa! (If my prof doesn't kill me first...)

Baka wishes the sky would fall on her @ 12.15pm | 10.29.04 // |

school is teh suck part II

BWAHahahahaa! And you thought I'd abandoned this site... XD Well, I figure after 18 days of not updating that I should at least leave a note for anyone who's interested in my insane life. w00t.

Guess what! I have 2 midterms on Monday! In a row, even! How awesome is that?! <.< ... >.> *dies* ARGH, I hate it when profs do that to you, ya know? Bah. Well, since I'll be studying my @$$ of tomorrow, I might as well have a bit of fun while I'm at it, ne?

Saw "A Streetcar Named Desire" for the first time tonight at a theater that shows classic movies. Anyone else seen it? Ohhh man, it was really bizarre! Everyone in it is insane, seriously! I could hardly understand Stanley when he talked (fer crying out loud, he kept EATING while talking!), and ... "STELLLAAAAAAAAA!" XD Maaan, that was an odd movie. Amusing, yet odd. And Marlon Brando was a very gorgeous man, no joke. *sigh* Definitely eye-candy, even if his character would randomly smash stuff. XD

Good news, all! I'm already 8 pages into Chapter 12 of "TSnIK", and a whole 2 pages into the epilogue of "ASW"! Be proud of me-- I may actually update 3x this week! XD I'm also working on Chapter 4 of "Desperation", but it's coming along slowly, as usual ^^; Hopefully I'll have time to write more once I get the two evil midterms outta the way on Monday! w00t.

Well, I'm off to watch FMA before it gets too late. Yeah, yeah, it's not even midnight yet, but hey, I have church in the morning... Don't wanna miss it! That being the case, I'm off to FMA and thence to bed! w00t.

Oh, and by the way, life is still insane. Just thought I'd add that in. Let's just say not much surprises me anymore, lol. XD


Baka gets weirded out @ 11.37pm | 10.16.04 // |

school is teh suck

Konnichi wa, minna-sama! XD. I'm baa-aack! Life still sucks, but hey, I adapt quickly! w00t.

I moved in to school over a week ago, and I'm loving dorm life. I still have a bunch of stuff to take care of, but I have to let it wait until I get a few more issues sorted through (i.e. homework, paperwork, getting settled... the usual). I like my profs and classes a LOT so far, so it's looking up! ^_^

Of course, one of the first things I find here at school is the anime club! Yay! *happy dance* I finally found other otaku like myself, and I'm having a grand old time there! Just started watching Full Metal Alchemist (which is AWESOME), and now I've started looking around for more new anime, even though I really should finish out what I've started. Whoops. ^^; Can't say I'm not enjoying it, though!

Homework's a bear. Loads of reading, and I already have 4 writing assignments! Bah. Well, 2 are only summaries, one is an essay, and one is a fiction piece (w00t!), so it's not -that- bad... I was just hoping that these wouldn't show up until later. Phooey. XD!

Having said that, I'll have to cut off here and go finish my homework! BLEGH. *sigh* Well, shigata ga nai, ne? Pooh. I'll catch y'all later! Be sure to drop a note on your way out! =D


Baka's head exploded @ 10.19pm | 9.28.04 // |

rough stuff

Well, I'm back from Los Angeles...

I have a lot of horrible things come up in my life recently. I'm not kidding-- it's gone to the point where I don't know which way is up, and I feel like I'm living someone else's nightmare. No, I'm not being dramatic. Have you ever seen something on the news or on television and thought, "that would never happen to me"? Well, something like that has happened, and it's baaad.

I wish I could say what was going on, but I really can't and shouldn't. All I can tell anyone reading this is that it may take up a lot of my time, and to please bear with me if I take forever to update, or if I'm mean or moody or am just plain emotional. I may be gone for long stretches of time. It's tough, and I can't emphasize that enough. Healing will take time, and I don't know if my life will ever be the same. Please be patient with me.

Hopefully I'll be updating soon with a more positive outlook, but until then, Jaa.

Baka's life crumbled @ 10.18pm | 9.14.04 // |

Greetings from Los Angeles

Hey there everyone! Guess where I am? XD Yes, I am in Los Angeles (or nearby...), and I'm visiting a few of my friends who go to college 'round these parts. Another of my friends and I drove down here yesterday, stayed in yet another friend's dorm last night, and we -still- haven't seen her yet... LOL. She's been busy, got in after we were asleep last night, was gone ALL day today for a class, battled loads of L.A. traffic (oh joy), and is now suffering from a flat tire (bah). Poor girl... Rumor has it that she's actually nonexistent. XD

On a better note, my friend (the one I drove down here with) and I managed to drive all over L.A., find Hollywood AND Beverly Hills and IHOP with no direcions and no clue where we were going, and still never got lost. Sugoi desu, ne? HAHAHA. Yeah, we had a blast-- we walked up and down Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, and it was HOT outside. We didn't go into any stores (hehehe, we were too scared to go in, since we're both broke college kids), and didn't see anyone famous T_T. BUT, we still had LOADS of fun, even if we are bored to tears right now. The friend's dorm that we're staying in has just my friend that I drove down with and me in it-- her roommate and 2 other suitemates are NOT here, and we ARE. BAH. I guess it was our own fault that we didn't go cruise Downtown Disney, but we're both exhausted and didn't want to drive anymore. XP

On to more foul news... The US Open is going down the drain. My dear Andy Roddick LOST T_T, and then Andre Agassi LOST T_T, and then Jennifer Capriati LOST T_T, and now all my favorite tennis players are gone T_T. I'm not watching it anymore in protest. BAH.

Muahahahaha.... I'm on my friend's roommate's computer ATM, and I really should get off soon, but I'm bored to tears! T_T LOL. We read through the school newspaper, went for dinner, and none of the DVD players on the computers here seem to be in working order T_T. Yes, we're bored, which is why we were watching Harry Potter Puppet Pals. It's funny! Really! Especially after seeing Harry Potter 3 last night XD. OH! That reminds me... GO SEE BOURNE SUPREMACY, if you haven't already. I'm late on the bandwagon, but I saw it today, and it's EXCELLENT. HAH.

Okies, that's all for now! LOL. XD

Oh yeah! I forgot to mention... I'm STILL missing the one anime conference that's within a reasonable driving difference from me... I happen to be on the wrong end of the state (like I mentioned, I'm in L.A... not anywhere near S.F. =P). Well, maybe next time I'll catch it... Hm... *ponders* HA, especially since I'll have a con buddy! w00t. *GLMOP*

Jaa mata!

Baka is Bored in L.A. @ 11.39pm | 9.10.04 // |

updated a ficceh

Man, the derned cough won't go away! Grrr... and I'm even drinking LOTS of liquids! BAH. Oh well, I'll get over this soon, I hope...

Yes, yes... I updated "Tada Soba ni Iru Kara" yesterday, and Dannette even beta'ed it for me! BUT did I notice my big boo-boo? No. Thank-you to those who DID point it out to me, and I have since REWRITTEN AND REPOSTED CHAPTER 10. YES. It's been changed mucho, so if you don't want to get confused in Chapter 11, you may want to reread it ^^; My bad! D'oh. XD

Speaking of which... Thank you everyone who's been reviewing it!! I've gotten WAY more reviews today than I ever have had in a single day, and it just makes me so excited! =D If only I could get off my lazy butt and get "A Strong Will" finished... I am working on it, but for some reason, the chapter isn't coming along nearly as quickly as I'd like it to. Yesh, it is the last chapter, and yes, I will be writing an epilogue (I think...), but it's just not writing as smoothly as I'd like. I'll try again to sit down and get a goodly amount written soon, I promise! ^^;

Would anyone like to clean my room for me? *innocent smile* J/k. Yeah, my room's still a wreck, and it seems that "cleaning" it just makes it worse... I guess I'm just bringing out all my piles into the open now. I really have to get it cleaned before I pack up and move on to my university campus, but it's also another thing that's just taking FOREVER. BAH.

Okies, now that I've mentioned it, it's almost time for classes to start for me. Yeah, quarter system folks like me get a later start, but we get out late, too. Just so you folks have a fair warning, I'm going to add that I may not be updating as much once school begins. Heck, it may be a while before I update anyway, since I'll be out of town the next 2 weekends, and I have a TON to do before then, and class/work starts the day after I get back from my 2nd weekend trip. But hey, I may come back with even better chapters! w00t. I'm taking Fiction Writing, which I'm totally stoked for! =D Anyway, if I "disappear" for a while, or just for long periods of time, I'm not dead (let's hope). I'm probably just uber-swamped... ^^;

Oh yeah! I forgot to mention... I'm missing the one anime conference that's within a reasonable driving difference from me... I happen to be on the wrong end of the state that weekend (which is next weekend...) Phooey. *grumbles* Well, maybe next time I'll catch it... Hm... *ponders*

Yay! New comments! A big howdy and thank-you goes to Nekotsuki for stopping by and saying "hi", and the usual *GLMOP* goes to Dannette for being a luffleh supporter for me! *GLMOPTACKLESQUISHSMOOSH* Hehehehe... You're the bestest, Dannette ~_^ Thanks for beta-reading my story on such a short notice! *GLMOP* (for good measure, LOL)

Jaa mata!

Baka is taking a steam shovel to her room @ 9.28pm | 9.5.04 // |


Wheeee!!! I just got back from a San Francisco Giants baseball game! w00t. Giants kicked the D-backs big time, 18-7, and Bonds hit his 697th career home run! YAH! It was much fun. =D

Meh, when I said I was feeling better, I was speaking too soon... now I have a nasty lingering dry cough. BUT, I just drank TONS of liquids, so hopefully it'll start to go away ^^; *grumbles*

Site updates... hm... NEW AFFY! w00t. Dannette's blog, Shattered Beauty. What a shock? I think not XD. Yep yep, go check out her gorgeous site! =D Oh yeah, I'm still tinkering with code, and I'm working on getting a few bugs fixed... grrrr... For some reason, the codes I'm putting in for fun stuff aren't working like they should be! Argh.

OHOOHOHOHOH! I bought MANGA today!!! They had a "buy 3, get the 4th free" sale thing going on at Border's, and I was planning on getting only 2... but... you know how that goes ;) Now I have more Samurai Deeper Kyo, Ranma 1/2, and I bought my first volume of Inuyasha, LOL. (I've been "reading" them off of Sengoku o Togi Zoushi's and Ear-Tweak's sites, haha.)

It's official. I'm moving on campus, so don't be surprised if I'm not as present online... like, fewer or less frequent updates, absent from forums, that kind of a thing... ^^; Homework, w00t! Heck, I may even start posting original fiction soon! Yeehaw! ;)

Japanese class was a BLAST. It came back to me a little better than I expected, but I really need to go over the days of the week, counters, and time again ^^; I remember how to do the months, though! w00t. Haha.

Okies, I don't have much else to say, other than THANK YOU to my readers of "Tada Soba ni Iru Kara"! I just hit 200 reviews today!!! (Well, "yesterday", but it was like... an hour or so ago? I think that's what the time on the e-mail was ^^; ) THANK YOU GUYS SOOO MUCH! POCKY FOR ALL MY REVIEWERS! LMAO. Heeeeeeeeeeee...

Jaa mata!

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September ALREADY?!

BLEARGH. It's already SEPTEMBER. Bah. I have SOSOSO much to do in preparation for school, and I'm not even close to getting there. I guess you could also call it "Panic Season"... hehe... Full School Panic... >< Don't mind me. ^^;

Good news, though! I'm getting mucho better! Thanks to anyone who sent me "get well" wishes! =D *glomps the lot of you* Hehehehe... Yeah. Oh, and I updated my Full Metal Panic! story today! ("Desperation") Be proud of me-- I haven't touched the poor thing in almost 2 months. I think I have a better idea of what I'll be doing with it again, now that I've had to recover from losing the outline. >< Yeah. Clumsy me. Saa, hopefully I can keep the quality up to everyone's expectations! Wow, I have so many people saying they look forward to seeing where it goes that I'm getting nervous... hehe... *nervous laugh* Errr... I'll try! ><

Anyway, if you see me tinkering with links and such, don't be surprised. I'm still getting used to the whole HTML thing, so please be patient! Oh, and let me know if any of the links aren't working. I'd appreciate it!

In fact, I'd appreciate ANY feedback, LOL! If you stop by, be sure to leave me a comment and let me know you were here! I'll even give you pocky if you do! ;) (Pocky for Dannette for being totally awesome! =D)

And if you're feeling extra generous, could someone send me money? XD J/k... but no joke, college is expensive, even though I'm getting a buttload of financial aid. >< *growls at books and housing expenses* Well, shikata ga nai, ne?

Last comment of the day: Japanese class starts again tomorrow! If only I could find my book that my older sister so kindly hid from me, and I can do the pre-class homework tonight... Grr... I need to brush up on my hiragana! Hm, maybe throw in some katakana while I'm at it... and the VOCAB. *dies* I have sooo much to DOOOOOOO.... Wish me luck! w00t.

Jaa mata!

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Testing! w00t.

Guess what! I'm testing to see if I'm figuring out how to do this correctly!

While I'm at it, I might as well add that I feel like I've been run over by a truck >< Yeah, I'm still sick, and it's NO fun. Bleh. Slept 'til about 3 pm today.

Be proud of me! I didn't listen to the music today! HAHA, I WILL NOT cave! LOL. >< *dies*

... just you wait, I'll be listening to it before long, LOL.

Oh! Dannette-- HELP ME!!! I can't figure something out! >< How do I reset the comments thing for each entry? ?_? LOL. Thanks again for all the help so far! =D
[EDIT: Fixed! =D Thanks, Dannette! *glomps*]

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Whee! Hooray!

Hi! I just deleted what I had written here earlier, because I'm a BAKA, so this'll be pretty short today x.x

Hello and welcome to BaNoNi. BIIIIG shout-out goes to Dannette for helping me get this up, and for designing the absolutely stunning BG and layout. *glomps Dannette again* I have links to her blog everywhere, so go check hers out!! =D

Well, I'm tired and sick (double x.x), so I'm probably off to bed soon. I just thought I'd get this thing up and running, and then I'll be back to blab away later! Bwahaahahahahaha!!! *evil grin* Anyway, if you're still bored, feel free to check out my fanfiction. I've linked to those everywhere, too, LOL.

Final side note... I have a few songs STUCK in my HEAD. Just look at the "hearing" section. No joke. The "J-Pop" is "Angelus", "Game", "Inspire", "Grip!" (Jaken's version, LOL), and "Ashburn"... LOL (yeah, laff it up, Dannette!) So. That's it for now... Ladedaaaaa! w00t.

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