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How To Change A Flat Tire In An Emregency

HOW TO CHANGE A FLAT TIRE IN AN EMERGENCY MATERIALS: four-way lug wrench a spare tire (already inflated) a jack (in most cases, it comes with the vehicle) pry bar (used for removing hubcaps and used w/jack) jack stand (used in case the jack would happen to slip or fall) YOU CAN FIND ALL MATERIALS EXCEPT FOR THE SPARE TIRE AT AN AUTO PARTS STORE. THEY ARE GOOD TO KEEP WITH YOU IN YOUR VEHICLE AT ALL TIMES. A SMALL JACK STAND IS AVAILABLE. (Before attempting any of the directions, make sure that you are off the road and out of harm's way. You should be on level ground. If you can't get the vehicle onto level ground, use a rock, a piece of wood, or something to block one of the fully inflated tires with so that the vehicle won't roll.)

Jack Up The Vehicle

step 1. Insert the side of the pry bar that looks like a wedge between the hubcap and the rim and pry the hubcap off and set it aside. step 2. Take your four-way lug wrench and loosen the lug nuts on the rim. step 3. Insert pry bar into the round hole that juts out from the side of the jack. If the jack that you have in your possession at the time doesn't operate this way, then follow the directions for use that are usually posted on the jack itself. step 4. Place the jack to whichever side of the vehicle that the flat is located. step 5. Put the jack as close as you can toward the tire to be changed. step 6. Insert the jack under the vehicle and place it directly underneath a solid part of the frame on the vehicle that you know won't bend or be damaged during this process. (The vehicles that come equipped with a jack will have these directions posted on the jack.) step 7. Now, begin pumping the pry bar up and down. You can stop as soon as the flat tire is lifted about three inches from the ground. This gives you enough room ot take the tire off of the axle and enough room to work around it. step 8. Now slide the jack stand next to the jack under the vehicle and put it under the axle of the vehicle. (Make sure that it is out of the way of the jack, so that when you are done you can pull the jack stand out and still get the jack out.) step 9. Next, lift the bar in the center of the jack stand until the part that is being lifted up meets evenly with the axle of the vehicle and feels as if it owuld hold the vehicle up if the jack owuld happen to fall. step 10. If the situation looks like you have got it under control, then take a smoke break, you are almost there. But if you are in a real hurry, you might want to go ahead and "GIT-R-DONE," so continue without a break. step 11. Unscrew the lug nuts until they all come off and you are able to take the tire off the axle. step 12. After you have taken off the old tire, lay it aside and out of the way. Put the lug nuts somewhere that they won't get lost.

Put On Your Spare Tire

step 13. Go get your spare tire and put it on the axle where the old tire was. Make sure that you have it on and pushed back on the axle as far as it will go. step 14. There should be the lug studs jutting out from the rim of the tire. Place your lug nuts back onto the lug studs and tighten them up with your own hands so that they won't fall off. step 15. Now take the four-way and tighten the lug nuts as much as you can with it jacked up. Then, disassemble the jack stand by lifting the bar that is on the side of it. You should insert the pry bar back into the hole in the side of the jack and let the vehicle down by twisting the pry bar. Make sure you let the vehicle down slowly. step 16. Disassemble the jack and put it along with the jack stand and old tire back into the vehicle. step 17. Take the four-way and retighten your lug nuts. Jump up and down on the four-way or do whatever it takes to get the lug nuts as tight as they will get. step 18. Replace your hubcap back onto the wheel and make sure it snaps on tight so that you won't lose it.

Put On Your Spare Tire

CLEANING UP step 19. Gather up all of your tools and put them back into your vehicle. LEAVING THE SCENE step 20. Get back into your vehicle. step 21. Insert key into ignition and start vehicle. step 22. Put your vehicle into gear. step 23. Feed some speed to your ride and pat yourself on the back, you have just arrived at DESTINATION SUCCESS!!!! IF YOU ARE A WOMAN AND YOU ARE STILL CLUELESS, YOU COULD JUST GET OUT ALL OF YOUR TOOLS AND SET THEM BESIDE YOUR VEHICLE AND TRY TO FLAG SOMEONE DOWN TO HELP YOU. OR IF YOU HAVE A CELL PHONE AND ARE IN A SERVICING AREA, YOU COULD JUST CALL SOMEONE TO COME AND HELP YOU.