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**Ashley's Page**


-About Me- Name: Ashley Wallace Age: 15 B-day: February 1 City: Coldwater, MI Hair: Brown/Blonde Eyes: blue/green Boyfriend: Derek bff: Renee -Couples- Me *** Derek Matt *** Danica Chad *** Courtney Katy *** Mike Roxanna *** Dennis Ryan *** Brittany Jeremy *** Heather Rachel *** Cody Renee *** Devin...(haha we all know Renee!!!) -Shoutoutz- * I love you Derek * dont worry roxi we all know you're gonna marry Dennis hehe * Renee hey gurl dont party too much and call me! * Lindsay when Derik gets back i hope you too hook up..he like you so dont sweat it!..holla back * Matt i hope you finally find someone and settle down. * We all miss ya derik..exspecially Lindsay..hope you're having fun and come home soon..i have no one to talk to!!! * Chelsea for all we care you can stay in lovin it!!..(you know i love ya) * Brittany DONT MOVE! * Chanelle leave me alone! you're annoying! * Jamie don't change you're awsome!


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