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Bridesmaids Letter

156 days to go!!!

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Volume 1


Hey Girlies!How is everyone doing? I hope everyone is doing well!Things here are good.I'm starting to really get into working on the wedding and making decisions.It's starting to seem like its really going to happen and its so exciting. J I wanted to update everyone on some of the things that you all might need to know about!



As all of you might already know, my colors are Dark Red (claret), Gold, & Ivory.Also, I think I'm going with a heart theme, but not sure yet.Just thought you might be interested in case you didnít know! J




Well I'm finally going to order my dress! What a huge decision that was.I absolutely love it though. I'm ordering mine through and its saving me a huge amount of money.


As for your dresses, I havenít changed my mind at all.I still want you all to get Alfred Angelo Separates, which I think is best so everyone can pick their own style of dress to fit them the best.They still need to be the color "Claret" and floor length.Other than that, pick the one you like the best.I know there are some dresses that have white on them and if you decide on one of those make sure it can be made in Ivory.


I went to a dress shop here in Tallahassee last week to see how much the prices of the gowns were and they seem to have run around $150-175.I got a quote from Netbride for $108.I just picked a random style to get the quote, but it still should be around the same amount.The shipping is $10 for the US and $35 for Canada.If you all want to order the dresses this way then let me know and I'll order them or organize it.In order to get the discount you need to order 2 or more dresses at a time or there is a $20 charge.You can even give me/them separate credit cards but there is a $3 charge for multiple numbers.The dresses would be shipped directly to you for alterations.


I donít care either way, I just thought if any of you need to save some money then I would pass along the information.It does take 11-16 weeks for the dresses to come in, so keep that in mind if you want to do this. J


As for shoes, I think I'm going to change the closed toed shoes to sandals.I still think black will be the easiest and best colorÖwhat do you think?




I am about to start looking for someone to do my hair and makeup. I have a few places in mind but need to call around and see their prices. I need to know who would like their hair done as well.I want to know so if I need to book or put a deposit down I can tell them who all is coming with me.


I donít have a particular way that I want all of you to do your hair, so should you all have the same look or should you just choose what you like? Either way is fine with me.Let me know your feedback.


As for the makeup, if you would like to get your makeup done also, let me know.I know not everyone likes other people to do their makeup and I donít care either way.


Wedding Weekend Activities

Right now I donít have everything nailed down yet but I will have more information to come.


The Rehearsal will be held on the evening of Friday the 4th at Willow Pond Plantation in Monticello, Florida and the Rehearsal Dinner will be at our house.We are thinking about some type of Barbeque.We thought it would be more fun and relaxed. As soon as I have more info I let everyone know!


Contact Information





Pam (my mom): (850) 747-8797 home or (850) 960-8799 cell


Important Information

Rehearsal: Friday, November 4, 2005

Rehearsal Dinner: November 4, 2005

Wedding date: November 5, 2005

Ceremony Location: Monticello, Florida

Reception Location: Monticello, Florida


I can't wait to see all of you!

Love ya,