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I just typed this thing and it got messed up so here I am doing it again! Who am I do you ask? I am called many things. Danielle, Dark Child, Wilbaboo, Lost Innocent, Torture, Tease, Cat, (occasionally) Legolas. Use what you want. I'm almost 16, close enough to say that anyway...*eyeroll* I'm an odd person and I'd like to stay that way thank you very much. If you want to know anything else about me just e-mail me. Hmm..first time I wrote this it was longer....Also had something to do with s'mores in it...*shrug* The list thing up I'm gunna be changing a lot. Prolly not exactly the most original idea I've come up with but'll amuse me.

10 Things To Do At The Mall.

These might poke something in that dead brain of yours.

Mt friend Amanda's site. Worth a visit!
Best comic ever! Just click on the Pray for satans salvation box on that site.
My portfolio at
Just a weird clip my friend showed me. It's a spoof of a Mentos commercial.
Just a site I found while surfing. Watch him dance!!!
My Message board. Join! Please?!?! I'm lonley!