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Fish Receiving
Fish are delivered to canneries frozen or refrigerated. Quality evaluations are performed during unloading which include monitoring the temperature and condition of the fish and collecting samples for histamine and salt analysis. Lots found unacceptable are rejected.

Cold Storage
Fish are maintained at temperatures near 0° until needed for processing.

Pre-Processing Evaluation
Prior to being scheduled for processing, representative samples from each lot are test-packed and samples are evaluated before and after canning to assess quality. Test-pack results are used to determine acceptability and process requirements of fish remaining in each lot.

When lots are scheduled for processing in our canneries, fish are brought out of cold storage and thawed to backbone temperatures sufficient to facilitate evisceration and sensory evaluation. 

Acceptable fish are placed on racks and transferred to large ovens where they are cooked sufficiently to facilitate cleaning of the fish.

Each fish is manually cleaned and inspected for quality attributes. The cleaning operation consists of removing the head, tail, skin, bones and dark flesh known as red meat.

Can Filling
Cleaned tuna loins are fed into filling machines where prescribed amounts of fish are placed into cans. Via a separate system, empty cans are conveyed to filling machines after having been inverted and flushed with air jets and/or water sprays.

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