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My Webpage
By: Megan Wells
Hi! My name is Megan Wells. I live in Durand, Michigan. I am in 7th grade and in the Durand Middle School. I am making this webpage to show you some of the things I like or am interested in. My topics are: Horses, How to take care of a dog, General Hospital (soaps), and food I like and dislike. I hope you like it and have a good time.

I pick horses for one of my topics because, I like them alot and I happen to have some. I have appaloosas! On my pages I have Appaloosas, Quarter Horses, And Pintos (paint).
How To Take Care Of A Dog
I LOVE DOGS! Especially Australian Shepherds! I have one and his name is Blue Boy! He loves to lick people. And I am his best buddy, he is also my best buddy!
General Hospital
I like to watch General Hospital. It is an interesting show. This is a picture of one of the actresses Tamara Braun, but on the show her name is Carly Corinthos. I watch this show just about every day.
Food I Like And Dislike
This is a food I like. Pizza is one of my favorite foods. The things I like on it is pepperoni, hamburger, chesse (of course), and ham. I usually just eat it with pepperoni.

How to take care of a dog

General Hospital

Food I like and dislike