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Natalia Livingston took on the role of Emily Quartermaine on General Hospital in April 2003 with seamless grace. The youngest adult member of the dysfunctional Quartermaine clan, Emily has returned home with a terrible secret, she has breast cancer. Her mother's breast cancer in 1994 is what initially brought Emily to Port Charles and the to Quartermaines, as Emily watched her mother Paige die from the horrible disease and watched her adopted mother Monica struggle to overcome it. As she fights for her life, Emily finds herself torn between her first love Zander Smith and her newfound love of Nikolas Cassadine.

This is a picture of Natalia Livingston (Emily Quartermaine) and Tyler Christopher ( Nickolas Cassadine). They are a couple right now on the show. Nickolas is very nice to Emily and helps her alot. 

This a picture of Chad Brannon. He plays Zander Smith on the show. Emily and him used to be married, but she decided that she loved nickolas more and they devorced. 

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