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HaPpY 50Tv CoNcErT PiCs & ViDeO CLiPs

Happy 50TV Concert Pics

Happy 50 TV Concert Pics                                                   Happy 50 TV Concert Pics                                                                  Happy 50 TV Concert Pics




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Vic Interview with Sharon Cuneta (doc)

Vic Interview with Sharon Cuneta (audio)

Asos Interview with Kris Aquino (doc)

Jerry and Vic Interview with Kris Part 1 (doc)

Concert - Jerry's Moon Represents My Heart (wma)

Concert - Jerry's moving pic (gif)

Lyrics - Moon Represents My Heart (doc)

Concert -- I Must Have You (4'54") (Yao Ding Ni)

Concert -- I Really Love You (5'33")

Concert -- Interview by Ai Ai (3'18")

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special thanks to the following:

For the Pictures: Rainie Castro/ Richelle/ Mai Mai / Laput
For Jerry&Vic Interview & Asos Interview  with Kris:Camille Gonzales
For Vic Interview with Sharon Cuneta : Mai Mai  / Wonder9978
For Concert video clips & gif pics: angel.diva of the Philippines
(Please credit the above mentioned names if you are transferring the pics&clips elsewhere.thanks!)
Action 4 Jerry, not associated with any fan clubs.Self-made clip guaranteed.
Please feel free to post the above download link[s] elsewhere.
Do let the Jerry-addicted virus spread via the Internet.)


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