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Val's Web Page

Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire.

Life Before College

My name is Valerie Howard Abbott. I was born in Paintsville, Kentucky, home of Loretta Lynn . My home, however, was in Magoffin County, just adjacent to Paintsville. My parents are Judy and Wallace, and my older sister, bearer of a vicious ice cube tray scar, is Lori. I graduated from Magoffin County High School in 1994. Go Hornets!

College - The Best 9 or 10 Years of My Life

My college career began at Morehead State University in 1994. Initially, I chose radiological technology as my major. Through my years at MSU, however, my major changed to business, then communications.

Apparently, just changing majors wasn't enough... I needed a real change of scenery, so I transferred to Eastern Kentucky University . Did I mention that I'm and Education major now?

My husband, Travis, and I share our home with two cats, Gemma and Trent. Gemma has been with me since Morehead, but Trent is a new addition to the family.

My Future's So Bright...

Obviously, graduating from Eastern is a priority in the future. How far in the future? Well, we'll see. Post-Graduation, I would like to continue living in the Richmond/Lexington area and working with children in the education system. I feel that I can somehow contribute to making my community a better place to live.

Did someone say "80's"???

In my free time, I search for Care Bears that have managed to escape my grasp thus far. I'm also a bit obsessed with 1980's era music and movies. Do YOU know all of Molly Ringwald's films? Look'em up on the internet movie database .

Computer Usage... Fun and Play

Computers are everywhere, as we all know. I use the technology at work for inventory, financial tracking, and employee records.

In my personal life, I am an Ebay junkie! Where do you think all the Care Bears come from??? Also, I use my personal computer for emailing friends and keeping in touch with relatives. I am also, as of this semester, using it for taking classes and working toward that future goal of graduating from EKU.

Thanks for visiting!!!