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The Talk Show - Page 3

The Cheny Is Smart, And, In Fact, Smarter Than Everyone Else (Including Aparna) Talk Show

(Continued from page 2...)

 Cheny: Okay, now we place the polls in a graph.

A: || (6 votes: 46%)
B: ||||||||||||||||| (5 votes: 38%)
C: | (2 votes: 15%)

 Cheny: Evidently, I have the most votes. Everyone supports me! Except for a few fools. I want to give special thanks to everyone who supported me. Thanks, Mr. Math! Thanks, you two people that wished to remain anonymous! Thanks, [the rest of this sentence has been removed due to the site's privacy policy]. And of course, don't forget that I'm the host of this show, and you're just the cohost!

 Cheny: *ahem* And now, back to our show. Unless Aparna still wants to argue her side.

 Aparna: See! I told you all that "Aparna is the smartest person in the world and don't believe Cheny because he is not smart" is the best name for the talk show because Cheny is not smart as you can see from his utterly nonsensical graph!

 Aparna: Now this is how the graph should look:

A: ||||||||||||||||||||| (6 votes) [See!]
B: || (5 votes)
C: | (2 votes)

 Aparna: "Aparna is the smartest person in the world and don't believe Cheny because he is not smart" has the most votes! And the name is absolutely true because I am the smartest person in the world and Cheny is not!

 Cheny: Uh... you're C, not A. That's all I really have to say about your so-called smartness.

 Aparna: At least my graph is proportionally accurate unlike yours.

 Cheny: Yep, it is. Even a proportionally accurate graph, I have ten times more votes than you.

 Aparna: But that's because you made up some people that don't exist, such as "Mr. Math" and the two anonymous people. Yes, I am accusing you of cheating! So, I should actually have at least one hundred.

(That is all of the Talk Show I've typed right now. Check back later.)


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