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The Talk Show - Page 1

The Unnamed Talk Show [For lack of a name] [But it does have a name - "Unnamed" IS a name] [Fine. For lack of a better name]

 Cheny: Hello, and welcome to The Unnamed Talk Show. I'm your host, Cheny, and this is my co-host, Aparna.

 Aparna: Today we will talk about the controversy between unnamed things. Should we have unnamed things or not?

 Cheny (under breath): Note to self: Never let Aparna pick the controversial topic.

 Cheny: Some things have names. For instance, Aparna has a name: Aparna. Some things don't have names. For instance, our talk show.

 Aparna: That is why Unnamed is the best name for a talk show, because then we can talk about unnamed things!! And that is the best topic! There is so much controversy in it! But there is no controversy in my name - Aparna.

 Cheny: But "Unnamed" IS a name! Although I'd rather it be called the "Cheny and Aparna Talk Show." Furthermore, I don't see any controversy.

 Aparna: The controversy is - on one side, people want "The Unnamed Talk Show" - that's us, on the other hand, people don't want the talk show unnamed. They want us to have a name. "Cheny and Aparna Talk Show" is a very boring and uninteresting name. The "Unnamed Talk Show" is a much more mysterious and interesting, and "Unnamed" is not a name, it's an "unname"! No more arguing - let's start the talk show! What should we talk about first?

 Cheny: Uh... the talk show started a long time ago. And if you wanted a better name, I, personally, would call it the "Cheny Is Smart, And, In Fact, Smarter Than Everyone Else (Including Aparna) Talk Show."

 Aparna: No, actually it should be called "Aparna is the smartest person in the world and don't believe Cheny because he is not smart" - that is the best name for our talk show because of course, it's true!

 Cheny: You know, lying is bad for you health [I was implying that she was lying, if you didn't get that]. That's why YOU should not lie *ahem*. Let's ask our readers which name is better.

(continued on page 2...)


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