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About us

bulletCheny is male and 13 years old. He goes to Wayzata Central Middle School in Plymouth, MN. He is Chinese. He likes computer programming, a lot of random sports, HTML, bike riding, making sure no one knows his last name, acting insane, and referring to himself in third person. His favorite subjects in school are Science/Health and *gasp* Math. The parts of the site that he made will be black. As you can see, most of the site is his work right now. ^_^ 'Course, this will change soon.
bulletAparna is female, 13 years old, and also goes to WCMS. I won't say anything more about her without her permission, except that her website edits will be in dark blue. This might change, though.
bulletStuff made by any other people will be in dark red.
bulletNeutral stuff will be in dark green.

Special thanks to:

bulletUh... no one right now. I still need to ask people if I'm allowed to put their name on this site... check back later, or email me.

Last updated: Jan 17, 2004. This site is managed by Cheny.