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Dear Friend,

Welcome to The Home Biz Guy's free website builder! When you follow the 3 easy steps listed below, I (Stone Evans) will personally customize and install a brand new, fully-loaded e-commerce website just for you absolutely free within the next 24 hours...guaranteed!

This is a super quick way to get some checks coming in now.
Allen Says,

Want to see what the site looks like? Click here to check it out...

Of course, your new website will be 100% customizable. So, whenever you want to add products, re-arrange your site, upload eBooks, change the color scheme or anything you want; you can do it all freely and easily inside your website control panel which makes working with your new website as easy as 1,2,3... even if HTML, Java, PHP and ASP are all foreign languages! Click here to see a screenshot of your user-friendly site control panel.

As you may have noticed, I will install a few pop-ups and pop-unders on your website to help you make extra sales and rake in more profits each month. And, just in case you don't like "pop-ups" (they do make sales!), I will also build you a duplicate version of your website without the pop-up ads free of charge to give you extra marketing flexibility and control...

Another powerful feature on this site is the email subscription form that will capture your site visitor's name and email address to automatically follow-up with a pre-written, 360-day professional email marketing campaign designed to make lots of additional sales for you!

The best part is that you keep all the subscribers. That's right... You get your very own fully customized (for you), pre-written ezine-in-a-box that captures your site visitors and automatically delivers high quality content and special offers by email for products that can earn big commissions for you. And, whenever you want to make an announcement or test a new product to your list, you can because you own the list of subscribers!

Click here and subscribe yourself to my personal version of this insanely profitable email marketing newsletter so you can see how professional it is. Yours will look exactly the same as mine except it will have your name and affiliate links in it instead of mine!

Everyone knows that you've got to capture email addresses on your website if you want to make money online. Now, you can join the pros and cash in on this proven marketing strategy immediately when you follow the 3 simple steps outlined on this page...

In addition to all of this, I will design a custom header logo to give your new website the professional image you deserve. And remember, I am personally going to do all of this work for you absolutely free. Your logo will look just like this:

Free Website Builder - Complete Money Making Site Setup FREE!

NOTE: will be replaced with YOUR website domain name.

If you like what you see, and would like me to install this brand new money making website for you right now, just follow the 3 easy steps outlined below and I will get you setup and ready to make money online before this time tomorrow.

It's the simplest, auto-pilot money making system I've seen!
Marty Foley,

Step 1 - Get Your Products!  Play Audio: 

Making money on the Internet is not any different from making money in the real world. You must have products to sell and an effective method for marketing those products...

Getting products to sell is easy. Simply, join a reputable affiliate program and re-sell other people's products for profit. As an affiliate, you can make money every time someone visits your website and clicks on a link to learn more about one of the products.

Here's how it works: When someone visits your website and clicks on a product link, they will be re-directed to a sales page and have the opportunity to purchase the product. Just for providing the link, you will earn a generous commission every time a sale is made.

For example, if you click this link and buy the product you see, I'll get paid an immediate $65.00 commission just for giving you the link. By getting 10 people to click that link and buy the product every month, you'll earn an extra $650.00 every 30 days! And, that's only one of the high quality, in-demand products you'll be "selling" on your new website...

In truth, all of the selling, follow-up, product delivery and customer satisfaction issues will be handled for you automatically. Your only job is to promote your new website (I'll show you how - it's easy!) and cash your checks each month. It really is that simple...

A lot of people earn a full-time income working as an affiliate. In fact, it's possible to earn over $100,000 per year in this business. To achieve this, you must choose affiliate programs that pay generous commissions for products that are in high-demand!

How Stone came up with this idea, I don't know, but I love these sites so much I've got two of them.
John Colanzi,
Confessions Of An Ezine Writer

Your new website will be professionally designed to sell products from 5 of the Internet's most popular, most reliable and highest paying affiliate programs. Each of these programs are free to join with no obligation or minimum selling requirements.

Plus, all of these affiliate programs offer residual income so that you can get paid for a lifetime on the work you do today. As soon as you are ready to start making money now, simply click on each of the links below and submit your affiliate applications right away...

Note: If you are already an affiliate for one (or all) of these programs, simply use your current ID#('s) when completing the Plug-In Profit Site™ application in Step 3 on this page. Remember, each of these programs is 100% free to join and never require any money out of your pocket to get paid! Join these 5 programs now:

Six Figure Income Marketing Group
Click here to sign up FREE right now!

Push Button Publishing
Click here to sign up FREE right now!

Internet Marketing Warriors
Click here to sign up FREE right now!

Internet Marketing Center
Click here to sign up FREE right now!

Sure Fire Marketing
Click here to sign up FREE right now!

After signing up with each of the affiliate programs, you will receive 5 confirmation emails with your affiliate ID and password for each account. You need those ID's to complete the next 2 steps and launch your new money making website today.

If you want to get involved with someone who delivers
what they promise, Stone Evans is your man.

Jeff Mulligan,

Step 2 - Join Host4Profit!  Play Audio: 

For you to have your own website, you must register a domain name and have hosting for that domain. These are two requirements for anyone who wants to have their own website on the net. The good news is that you can get both of these right now at Host4Profit...

In fact, in order to limit the number of people using my free service, I have decided to build the Plug-In Profit Site™ for Host4Profit customers only.

Think about this for a minute... I'm going to design a custom logo for your business, customize a complete website with YOUR affiliate links for the best selling products on the net, setup your own ezine-in-a-box that automatically follows-up with your site visitors to make more sales for you, and do the the complete installation absolutely FREE!

I'd be nuts to accept applicants from every host on the Internet!! Most people (including my wife) think I'm crazy for doing all of this work for people in the first place, but you know how the saying goes: "You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."

Plus, as soon as you open your hosting account, you'll get instant access to the following
3 exclusive bonuses giving you everything you'll ever need to make your fortune online:

Bonus #1:
Access to the Famous Internet Marketing Warriors Site

This is the only home-based marketing group on the Internet that has actually helped thousands of people start making money from their homes. Just a few examples of materials inside the Warrior site that you can download immediately are....

Access to the Famous Internet Marketing Warriors SiteClassified Magic...82 Pages, E-Book Secrets...468 Pages, Maximum Profits In Minimum Time...104 Pages, The Master Key System...98 Pages, Electronic Publishing 2001...213 Pages, Magnetic Sales Letters...281 Pages, eBay Secrets...154 Pages, Digital Selling Power...203 Pages, 63 Killer Marketing Strategies...117 Pages...Methods of Marketing Masters Seminar Transcripts... Over 600 Pages, The ePublishers Resource Book...283 Pages, The Magic Story...Two parts, Seven Steps To Freedom...172 Pages, Magic Floppy...23 Pages...and thousands more books, articles and reports.

Bonus #2:
Complete Ad Tracking System

Complete Ad Tracking System I found out something years ago that was absolutely amazing. A single change to a link on your site can double, even triple the clicks it gets. All you have to do to maximize your profit is make every link perform at its maximum.

With normal website stat programs this is hard to do. Most of them are not very accurate. That's where the Track This Hit software comes in. You simply set up a tracking link for the links on your site that you want to track and test. You'll get this incredible tool free with your website!

You can instantly start tracking up to 1000 different links, create split run tests, get daily results in your e-mail, track hits on affiliate links, track classified ads, track e-zine ads, and much more...

Bonus #3:
Access to the Warrior Forum

Access to the Warrior ForumOne Of The First Secrets To Making Money Online Is Making The Right Contacts... 

The Warrior Forum will allow you to... Make Partnerships... Discover New, Incredible Ideas... Get Help On ANY Subject... Ask For Site Reviews... Do Joint Ventures... Get New Resources In Minutes... Make Special Offers To Members Only... Get Immediate Solutions To Problems... And much much more...The Warrior Forum has been the secret weapon of many of the "gurus" you read about today.

So join Host4Profit today and let me help you shave at least 2 years off your Internet marketing learning curve by building a brand new Plug-In Profit Site™ for you right now.

NOTE: The Plug-In Profit Site™ requires Host4Profit. Honestly, $24.95 is a small price to pay for hosting when you consider all of the powerful benefits this service offers. Plus, your hosting fee is only temporary because as soon as 3 people join Host4Profit through the link on your new website, you will start earning money every month. In fact, many Host4Profit clients are already making over $2000 a month! Don't be left out! Join now.

To top it off, as soon as you join Host4Profit and get your website setup free, you'll be enrolled in a company-wide contest to a win a free vacation to the Bahamas! Click here to see our first winner. You could be next because winning is much easier than you think!

If you are one of the thousands of enthusiastic customers who already have have a Host4Profit account, just move on to step 3 now... :-)

The Plug-In Profit Site™ IS a proven way to produce online cashflow in the easiest way possible - with absolutely ZERO experience necessary!
Bryan Winters,

Don't Delay! This Offer Won't Last Forever...

I'm not going to insult your intelligence by adding a few lines of JavaScript to this website and try to make you think the deadline for receiving my service is midnight tonight, but it honestly could be...

The truth is, most companies who provide a service comparable to mine charge a lot of money for it. I could easily start charging $1,000 or more for every website I build and it would still be a bargain. In fact, this is something I am planning to do as we speak and even if I decide on a final price that's less than $1000, it's definitely going to cost you much more than (FREE). In reality, this is your chance to save a bunch of money...

So, please be aware that you have a rare opportunity to capitalize on my "market testing" to get your own fully functioning e-commerce website customized and installed for you absolutely free and the only thing you have to do is register a domain name and hosting account. Forgive me, but if you don't realize that this is truly the deal of a lifetime, please call your doctor right away because something is definitely wrong with you! ;-)

To be completely honest, I must warn you right now... if you procrastinate and put this off (even one more day), the very next time you come back to this website, it might look different because as soon as I reach my quota of beta testers for this service, I will start charging for the exact same service that I'm giving to you absolutely free right now.

You can avoid this regrettable situation and secure full rights to my service and all of the incredible bonuses that come with it (see more bonuses below) when you open your hosting account today. Once you've done this, just move on to step 3 below so I can start building your new website right away... Click here to register now before time runs out...

100%, Iron-Clad, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Free Website Builder - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
If my service doesn't exceed your wildest expectations or if it leaves you unsatisfied in any way whatsoever, simply contact Host4Profit within 30 days to request a fast and courteous refund for your $24.95. You've literally got nothing to lose and a whole new world of profits to gain! Plus, as my way of saying thank you for giving my service a try, I'll let you keep and profit from the three exclusive bonuses below forever. That's my personal guarantee!

Click Here And Secure Your Website Now!

If you are looking for an easy, auto-pilot way to make money on the net, you should get in on this cash-generating monster!
Mike Glaspie,

Step 3 - Submit Your Application!  Play Audio: 

Once you get your ID#'s from the 5 affiliate programs above and have your domain name and hosting account setup, you'll have everything you need to submit your application and receive my service absolutely free. Simply click the button below to apply now:

Free Website Builder - Click Here to Sign Up Now!

That's it!! After submitting your application, I will start building your new website and notify you within 24 hours when everything is ready! And, once your new site is up and running, I'll send you 3 more profit pulling bonuses to help you get off to fast and profitable start...

Bonus #4:
30 Days to Success Marketing Guide

As part of my ongoing commitment to your success, once your new website is ready, I will hand over my personal marketing secrets and "30 Days To Success" step-by-step marketing guide to help you maximize your online profits...guaranteed!

30 Days to Success Marketing GuideInside this revealing new book, you'll discover the best free advertising resources (the ones that actually work!), how to run an effective pay-per-click advertising campaign and get 65,000 free visitors to your website, how to get thousands of websites to link to yours free and dominate the search engines without spending a dime, the best places to buy solo ezine ads including which ads will help you start earning multiple streams of residual income automatically, how to expand your business and build a great reputation for yourself through forum networking, how to write articles and get hundreds of popular newsletters and websites to publish your work absolutely free (easily worth $1,000's) and much, much more...

Bonus #5:
Free Enrollment in the Plug-In Profit Site™ Affiliate Program

Free Enrollment in the Plug-In Profit Site™ Affiliate ProgramThat's right! You'll get your very own website just like this one coded with all of your own affiliate id's for each program required to get a Plug-In Profit Site™. Now, you can earn 5 streams of residual income simply by sharing this exciting service with others. In fact, it's possible to earn over $10,000 a month by spreading the word about the Plug-In Profit Site™. You'll get all the support and training you need to earn a great income sharing our product with others including pre-written email ads, classified ads, banner ads, brandable eBook's and a whole lot more!

Bonus #6:
Web Army Knife

Web Army KnifeDon't even dream of buying the Web Army Knife from this website, because you'll get the complete profit generating package absolutely FREE with your new Plug-In Profit Site™...

Yes, you'll get every single one of these amazing sales-ratio boosting tools entirely free so you can add any or all of them to your website with a single click: The Mini Site Machine, The Website Colorer, The Deadline Generator, The Magic Word Jumpstarter, The Meta Tag Generator, The Email Scrambler, Timed Bonus Popup, Affiliate Link Cloaker, The Popup Generator Opt-In Alert Generator, Tell A Friend Generator, Favorites Adder and more... Several top Internet marketers looked at this mind-blowing package and said it shouldn't be sold for less than $97, but you'll get it all absolutely free with your new Plug-In Profit Site™ today!

I won't tell you that these bonuses are worth hundreds of dollars and persuade you to sign up today on the value of the bonuses alone. It's my service itself which can save you thousands of dollars and countless hours of wasted time! The truth is, some people will use these extra tools to make millions of dollars and others will never take full advantage of them. That's just human nature, but the fact remains...

These bonuses can easily add thousands of dollars in extra sales and profits to your bottom line... And, they will be yours to keep forever as soon as you open your hosting account today. By this time tomorrow, you'll have everything you need to make your mark in world and to carve out your own Internet fortune from home! Click here to get started!

Once you have your domain name and hosting account setup, you'll have everything you need to submit your application and receive my service absolutely free. Simply click the button below to apply now:

Free Website Builder - Click Here to Sign Up Now!

I look forward to building your new website next! :-)

Prosperous regards,

Stone Evans' Photograph
Stone Evans' Signature
Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy
Click Here to Send Me an E-mail

P.S. Skepticism is healthy and encouraged because there are some dishonest people and scams going around the Internet. Fortunately, these are the exception; not the rule...

I take great pride in the service that I am giving you and to demonstrate my unwavering commitment to uphold the highest business and ethical standards possible, I invite you to investigate these widely respected organizations that I'm proud to be a member of now:

Free Website Builder - iCop Seal


Free Website Builder - Better Internet Bureau™ Seal

P.P.S. Please read a few of the unsolicited testimonials from people just like you who recently got started with their own Plug-In Profit Site™...

Hi Stone,

Thank you so much for setting this up my web site for me. My site looks amazing! I’ve been making a living on the net now for over 2 years & have yet to find a more professional service than yours.

I’ve spent thousands on web sites in the past including $3,000 for an all singing dancing web site that was going to make me a fortune! Or so I thought! Then I came across your site & service & was amazed that you set it all up for FREE!

This has to be one of, if not the number one home business set up that I have ever seen.

What’s even more amazing is that you set it ALL up for FREE & even include a personalized proven follow up 90 day newsletter with autoresponder the lot! Awesome!

You only set this up for me a few hours ago & I am already getting results!

You will go far & your service will be HUGE.

Thank you once again.

Yours in success,

Simon Stepsys

I have been working with Stone for over 3 months now. He has been great to deal with and his "Complete Money Making Site Setup Free" is an awesome program. Being a computer novice at best having a money making website with follow-up messages pre-written is a true benefit to people who are not making money on the Internet. Stone provides this for FREE!

Thanks Stone!

Jeff D. Schuman


I just wanted to make some comments about your work, having worked very closely with you for almost 11 months now:

Awesome! Creative! Well thought-out! Generating Income! Making life easier! Conquering the Internet Marketing tangled web!

I just want to say that God has blessed me simply because I was sponsored by you into my first Internet Marketing Affiliate programs. It has been more than an interesting ride, it has been an education and developed into an understanding that I could never have accomplished on my own.

Stone, you are pure GENIUS! Thanks for making me a part of your team! Keep these easy-to-use, money-making ideas flowing!!!

At your service,

Scott Malinowski

I just received my new website and marketing materials from Stone yesterday. They are just fantastic! I have worked online with another online business for two years now, and never have I ever received such info as Stone has given me to work with. Maybe, now I can be successful, become financially free and not have to spend 50 hours a week working online.

I know there will still be many questions for Stone from me, but so far he has been right there to answer them! Thank you so much for all you do!

Much success to us all!

Yours in friendship and success,

Carolyn Little


I probably have been the biggest skeptic of all. Hahaha. I have sent you dozens of emails after I got my site, some were not positive about getting my business off the ground. You do a great job and I hope I can help people someday like you have helped me.

I have been up 30 days and through the website and my own perseverance I have 15 affiliates with SFI and 2 MIQ. Thanks again!

Jeffrey Casmer


Just wanted to say -- Thank you, thank you and thanks.... I was getting ready to redo my website, but I just haven't had the time. Being a single mom, I've always hustled, and with the Internet, I've just taken that entreprenuerial zeal to the web.

This is the second time this month that someone has helped me. The first proved to be less than wonderful, and I wound up spending money. This time I came at it more cautiously, and was pleasantly suprised, NO -- WOWed -- when I saw the results. I should have known to stick with the Warriors. They've always done right by me.

I thank you, Stone, for your work on my behalf and it gave me enough confidence to spend some more of my money on leads and a pro autoresponder. So, I now await, with anticipation, the outcome of the leads and making money.

Judith Brandy

All I can say is "WOW"..."Thanks a Million Stone"...It is awesome and there are links to everything from my affiliates so now I can get started instead of waiting till next year when I finally learn how to do it myself. Stone Evans is very friendly and easy to work with. And a GREAT help to someone that doesn't know how to do it their self.

Thanks again Stone.

Tammy Wilhoite

Just to let you know that Stone has put together a really fantastic, fully functioning, blast of a website for me. It would have taken me weeks to just get close to the package that he put together for me for free. Hey, if you have the slightest interest in a money making site that is sweet to watch, you need to ask Stone to please setup one for you.

Stone, Thanks. I owe you! Let me know if ever I can repay you.

John Wilson

Stone has just finished my site and I could not be happier. He has done everything that I have been trying to do myself for the past year, but never got around to. My work could not have compared to this anyway.

I think once you take the step and let Stone design your site FREE (unbelievable) and follow his step by step instructions, we are on our way to having what we're all here for in the first place. Looking forward to posting here next year with my stories of success and prosperity. Thanks again Stone and may the New Year bring us all, Happiness, Health, and Wealth.


Great website. And, I followed Stone's suggestions... I've had 51 hits in 24 hours and signed up 1 affiliate already. Amazing.

very excited...24 hours later...


I have to say "Thank you". This is fantastic!!! My site has been up for 48 hours, only the first email has gone out from GetResponse and I've had nearly 200 hits and referred 2 double opt-in affiliates and 1 prospect. I can hardly wait for the next email to go out. The only customizing I've done so far is to change the popunder window to try and get some sales at another site.

I have been an affiliate of SFI since Sep 02 and just wasn't sure how to go forward. Thanks for leading the way.

Greg Mangin

Just a short message to thank Stone Evans for setting up my new site. One word will describe everything. OUTSTANDING! Anyone wanting to get a money making website set up should contact Stone, and it's FREE.

Again, thanks Stone for the excellent job.

Frank Harris

Just a short note to express my profound gratitude to one Stone Evans for the splendid work done on my website...Being fairly new to this area I could not ask fo a better opportunity to meet such a person..Shooting back answers to a bundle of questions could not have been easy, but somehow he managed to do it...To a "GREAT GUY with GREAT SKILLS" hats off and KUDOS.....

Charles K. Sawyer

This is a real Godsend...

I have really been struggling...trying to do it all myself...getting nowhere...I finally gave up when it came to cgi. I've spent thousands in the proccess. Even went back to college to learn html etc.

Eventually bought one of those Worldprofit Ultimate Home Business Packages that you see all over the 'net at $2,500.00 to $3,500.00 with banner exposures, guaranteed visitors... the supposed $11,000 worth of advertising...the whole nine yards. I only made one sale netting about $400.00 in one years time. I did everything they told me to do but nobody was buying. Then came renewal time at $1,000.00 per year. That's when I threw in the towel.

This time I'm using Corey Rudl's Internet Marketing Course... There is a lot of distilled Knowledge and wisdom there...

Thank You, are a Good man.

Daniel Thorne

Mr. Stone Evans. If only the rest of us could look so good! LOL!! We'd put our profile on the web.

A special thanks for all the help (so far) cause I know I'll need more. I'm just starting to see how easy this thing can work if you take the time to work it. And of course thanks to you for putting it all together so we can. I plan on riding your success wagon all the way to the top!

Success is a journey and I'm sure you're being rewarded for it right now along the way just by all these people writing and saying "thanks" So I too will say thanks for the moment and later on I will say "thanks" again.

To your success first, then mine,

Nathan Blackmon

This guy Stone is a blessing from GOD. Great website with complete package ready to make money. I will follow your lead.

Thanks and may GOD bless all areas of your life.

Chris Matise

I just received my website that Stone Evans built and it is beautiful to say the least. Stone was true to his word saying he would get the site up within 24 hrs (actually it was much less time).

Stone, as busy as he must be gets back to you promptly when you ask a question. That is a rare thing in cyberworld! I'm looking forward to working with Stone now to earn some money and I have confidence that it will happen. I don't know the man well yet, but I already have a great deal of confidence in him. Some people you can zero in on quickly. Stone, I believe is the go-to MAN!

William M. Pacelli

Stone, boy it sure looks great! I'm so excited, cannot wait to get started. Thanks a million.

Willie Kitchens

I am quite new to this forum and I would not be writing to you at this early hour of the morning were it not for STONE EVANS. I do not know him that much but at this point of our business relationship, it looks like we have been together for more than one year!

Stone is warm, patient and always available when possible. He is willing to pass on what he has spent hours, days and sleepless nights to put together at a heart beat. He took time off his busy schedule to set up my website for free and has since then been open to all my questions at all times. He has surprised me so far and I am very sure that he has more of the real Stone in hiding!

I will at any time and anywhere recommend Stone to all my associates who are in search of an online business and I do hope you all are of the same opinion.


I just wanted to Thank Stone for the great job he did on my website. Even though he was really busy he finished my site about 2:00 AM Eastern Time which really impressed me. I would recommend Stone to anyone who wants to make money on the web.


Charles E. White

My new site is perfect since I had hard time building one myself. This has been the biggest help that I could get. Thanks Stone, keep up the good work.

Joe Berezhinskiy


I'm truly grateful to you. This is just my second week with my new PlugInProfitSite. I've learned a lot. (Yes, you can learn from your mistakes too.)

This is much more than I had hoped for when I first saw your offer to build me a money-making site, for free. You've helped me take the first steps to where I've wanted to be for so long, ON LINE.

Again, thanks so much for all you've done to nudge me this far. It means more to me than you know.

Tom Silver

My Name is David Kingsbury, I want to say what an absolutely terrifc job Stone Evans has done on the web site he put together for me. Totally automated & ready to go. All I had to do was advertise my site. He took care of all the rest for me.

I've had many great reviews already in just one day. Thanks so much for a great job Stone.

David Kingsbury

Hey Stone,

Just a note to tell you how much I appreciate the website you just completed for me. I am very pleased with it and can hardly believe I can call it MINE! I'm doing the things you suggested to get off to a quick start and can hardly wait for the response.

Again, thank you very much for the site... it's great!

Larry B.

Thanks Stone! I have been trying for days to get a website setup and it has been getting VERY frustrating, even though I was getting some much needed help. You come along with this FREE website and here it is all set up and ready to go with all the bells and whistles. Fantastic!

John Grewcock


Thank you for setting up my website to make profit, and thank you even more for the advice w/regard to how to maximize it's potetial. Unfortunately, I am a bit of financial stress, and subsequently, cannot proceed in quite the manner in which I would like to. However, I have already seen at least 5x the traffic than my site had previously seen, and that's with $0 coming out of my pocket.

Thank You Again,

Mark Wynne

Stone Evans set my site up for me several months ago. It took a long time just to figure out what he did, and how to work the pre-set-up responders, etc. He did a magnificent job, for free! After several years of trying to make it on the internet, I think Stone has helped me more than anyone.

I'm beginning to receive checks from my site he built...and that's the answer I've been looking for. If you're looking for help in getting started, you couldn't find a better helper than Stone Evans.

Dwight Davis


Thanks from the depths of my heart. Stone did my website this month and I am very please with his work. Also he provided me with marketing material and my own newsletter to promote.

I had been trying to design a website for months to promote my affiliate links but just could not get it up and going. I am thankful that I found Stone's web link on the Host4profit Website. Just to know that their is someone out there that even though they have a busy schedule themselves but yet find time to help other people like myself is a blessing. In my words to sum it all up Stone is a God send.

Stone, Keep up the good work,

Helen Martin

Hey Stone,

Thanks for the quick setup. Your follow up email detailing what you did and what people need to do to get started promoting their new site and build their opt-in list and afiliate base is very well done.

Thanks again & God Bless You,

Yoon Ho Um

Dear Stone,

It took me a full two days to realize just How Powerful This Site IS!! The Opportunities presented are exactly what I asked for!! The Ability for this site to earn income should be a "no brainer"--I still have butterflies churning in my stomach because I am so excited.

This weekend I am going to fill it up with gas, and take it for a test spin!! I hope to stay in contact so I can pick up some of your marketing secrets! Thanks again for a wonderful website!! A Special thanks to Jeff Mulligan for turning me on to Stone Evans!!

Richard Koontz

Hi Stone,

Got your site, looks very professional. I am very pleased with the look of it. It saved me a LOT of time in design. What a wonderful marketing idea!

Thank you very very much!


I am happy with my website, It looks great. I am excited about getting started.


Alester Oliver

Hi Stone,

I got the Site and I really like it. What I love about it, is that I can customize it however I want. I just changed a bit of the color and adjusted it so it will work with the server I put it on. I didn't put it where I told you Stone but I know what to change so that it will work.

This site really saves a lot of time as you don't have to research for good affiliate programs and products yourself. Thanks a lot for that.

Tino Hartung

Hi Stone,

BRILLIANT. That is all I can say you are one in a Million. You Have saved my life Your Web Page Design & infomation is going to make me money. I Will not have to be Frightend about bills Anymore I am DISABLED and now work from home earning money all the Time even sleeping and from this horrible wheelchair I feel like the working man again.

Your PLUG-IN PROFIT SITE™ offer well as I said Before Brilliant. Thank you Stone it's all a No.1 Winner.

Roy Hunter

Proudly Referred By: Thomas Muttwill

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