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Ideas of things to do INSTEAD of eating!


*Read a book *Watch T.V. *Write in your journal. *Talk on the phone. *Go for a drive. *go for a walk. *Walk the dog. *Clean the house. *Take a long bath. *Take a nice long nap. *Listen to the radio. *Study something. *Read WASTED by Marya Hornbacher. *Organize clothes. *Wash the dog. *Make a ED website. *Look at ED sites. *Send e-mails to your friends. *Play a game *Go over to a friends house. *Go over to your boyfriend's house. *Make a motivational list *Go to an ana chat. *Post in an pro ana forum *Go to the gym. *Watch a movie. Pay attention to what the thin pretty girls do to take care of what they do and dont eat...gather the helpful info. * Tear out skinny models from magizines. Then put them in your thinspirational book.