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Meth for the Common Man
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how to make 1 oz of methamphetamine


1) 750 pills containing 60mg psuedoephedrine (preferably Sudafed 24 hr, each pill has 240 mg in it, so you would only have to use about 190 pills instead..get it?) warning: do not try to buy more than 3 boxes of these anywhere, shop around, and dont buy any pills with actimenophen in it(its for headaches) it will destroy your batch!!!!

2)5 lithium batteries (these are photo batteries, E2 blue package)

3) 2 cans of Colemans or generic brand lantern feul.

4) one bottle of heavy duty drain cleaner (go to a hardware store, find the bottle with the skull and cross bones on it)

5) one container of UN-iodized salt

6) this is the tricky part, have to have some kind of to an Anhydrous Ammonia tank, think co-ops or farm fields (your going to have to do this undercover)


1) 5 or 6 regular size mason jars

2) 1 20oz pop bottle, completely dry with lid

3) this tubing, thin enough to fit into an airtight hole on the pop bottle lid.

4) coffee filters

5) 3 coolers, 1 big, 1 medium, 1 small

6) safe place you wont get weirded out at

7) hose from a car wash vaccum you dont want the nozzle, just about 8 feet of the hose.

9) about $10 worth of dry ice



-STRIP THE BATTERIES: Take needlenose pliers and peel all the skin of the batteries and in the very center there will be a silver strip, this is the lithium, you will know it because it will start to get warm once it touches air, immediatly throw these into your small cooler that has a good amount of colemans lantern fluid sitting in it, this fluid will chill these lithium strips out and keep you safe. (REMEMBER THIS SMELLS, NOT TERRIBLE, BUT KEEP IT IN MIND)

-GET READY: this is the scary part, you are going to have to go out and steal a small amount of anhydrous ammonia from some unknowing farmer or a Co-op. All you need to take with you is your baggie with crushed pills, your cooler with the lithium strips, and the hose....this is how you will do this step.......


-have a trusted friend drive you to a safe spot to get dropped off near the tank, on somedirt road where you can get out and not be detected. Have him stop, you jump out, be careful for what you are carrying and run to a place you can hide for a few seconds.

-asses the situation, get a to a point where you can scope out the tank from a safe, yet clear distance. Get a feeling for the area and make sure it is clear. Now swallow your balls and creep up to the tank.

-slide one end of the hose over the nozzle of the tank, and put the other end into the cooler with the lithium strips, turn the pressure of the tank on and of quickly, be careful not to let to much come out at a time, just turn it on for about 5 seconds, turn it off look around, repeat about 6-7 times. (now for all you curious georges, the reason you do this is because this is the only thing (besides FREEON R-12, which you could use as well) that is cold enough to melt the lithium. (note, be CAREFUL this shit can fuck up your skin and it is hard to be around this because its hard to breathe, but this is one of the risks you must take if you choose to do this)

-once you have completed this, add your pill powder to the mix, this is called the MUD. stir this up quickly get it mixed together well. and have your buddy pick you up, time it so your total drop off time should be no more than 10-15 minutes.

-go back to your safe spot, add a little more lantern fluid to the mix, dont be suprised if your little cooler is hissing and making funny noises, this is normal..the chemicals reacting with eachother. let this sit for a little bit (20 min.) THE LIQUID IN THIS IS CALLED THE "RINSE" FOR FURTHER REFERENCE TO IT. put your dry ice in the big cooler and and place this small one into it (this takes care of the smell, not crucial, but helps.)

-prepare your acid pump. take your 20oz bottle, make sure it is COMPLETELY dry and drill a hole in the lid to fit your tubing through, put tubing in so there is more coming out of the top, and put hot glue or something around the hole so that it is airtight. pour a generous amount of the salt into the bottle and add the smalles bit of the drain cleaner. put the lid on and shake this up, it should be reacting, forming a cloud inside the bottle. let this sit for a minute while you prepare the first mason jar.

-take on of the mason jars, make sure that this is also COMPLETELY dry, put a paper plate folded up like a funnel, with the smallest possible hole onto the mason jar and pour some of your "rinse" in to the funnel and let it go into the jar, this should take about 4 minutes because your funnel is very tight, the liquid that remains in the jar will be clear.

- now you have your little makeshift pop bottle/acid pump, put the the little hose coming out of it into the mason jar, not into the actual liquid, the gas should be slowly coming out of the tube, if its not give your bottle a couple of light squeezes. The gas will stay in the mason jar and go into the liquid by itself, making it cloudy.

-now you will see the something dropping from the liquid to the bottom of your jar, and a film sticking to the side of it,this is your DOPE!!!

-have another clean mason jar ready with a coffee filter on top of it securely, pour the contents of your first jar into this one, what stays on the filter is the crank, either scrape it off or leave it on and let it dry under a light or whatever and there you have it. exciting, huh???

-repeat this untill you have nothing left, and if every thing went right you will have yeilded 25-30 grams of meth.


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