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All Eyes On My Best Friend!

Heyy, just to let you know before you start reading this it is about Tiffany and me! The summer before this summer she decided to take me to Konables with her! I didn't have no money and thanks to her parent's they payed for me! Thank you mommy and daddy!!!!(hehe)We had a blast! God, it was my first time ever being there and I knew my way around better than Tiffany and Tiffany went there more than I did! Well, then one night Tiffany and I went to the rollor coaster called "The Splosh"! We got on after one ride after the other! We were so soked!When we got to the campsite we took a shower and went back to sit near the fire! I put my shoes againt the fire ring to dry! Bad idea! After a little while Tiffany's mom went to check on my shoes! This is the funny part! My shoes with my brand spankin new shoelaces caught on fire! That moment we will never forget! I believe in angels that God sent from heaven, but I have an angel right by my side! My Best Friend Tiffany!