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The TWINE Rivalry Roster

A list of members in The TWINE Rivalry, including their TWINE times page.

Player Times Page Email
Andy Knack(times)(e-mail)
Brandon Sanford(times)(e-mail)
Bryan Bosshardt(times)(e-mail)
Dan Cervone(times)(e-mail)
Dean Barnhart(times)(e-mail)
Eise Smit(times)(e-mail)
Eric Tapani(times)(e-mail)
Greg Lavery(times)(e-mail)
Henrik Norgren(times)(e-mail)
Jacob Lovins(times)(e-mail)
Logan West(times)(e-mail)
Marcus Dolejsi(times)(e-mail)
Matt Cook(times)(e-mail)
Michael Dolejsi(times)???
Mike Gaydeski(times)(e-mail)
Pernicious P(times)(e-mail)
Richard Wade(times)(e-mail)
Simon Archambault(times)(e-mail)
Steve Foy(times)(e-mail)
Wouter Jansen(times)(e-mail)

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