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Favorite (Normally Random) Things

Websites worth visiting.

Neopets . . .Yep . . . Hardly anyone does NOT know about it.
Gotu website!!
Quite amusing. Especially the captioined pictures . . .
The BEST games EVER!!!

Wahoo! My own site!! Everyone has their own site, and I said "Why not me?" Plus, I was bored. Not saying I'll actually UPDATE it, but, whatevah. Shout outs first!

- Andrea: You DO have your hands stuck under a fruitbread . . . .
- Katie: Wow, that is short . . .
- Ashley: DO IT AGAIN!!
- Kirsta: What's going on?
- Jessica: The whole *censored* box!
- Luna: Eh heh . . . I'm assuming that I'm no longer an apprentice? o.O;;
- Ryann: WHHHAAATTT?!?!?!
- Patrick: Do you EVER read yoru e-mails BESIDES the forwards and chain letters?
- Tessa: Goooiingg up! DING!!
- Kurt: You STUPID Goldfish! I must murder you. AGAIN!
- Christina: I like the kind of nacho cheese you ACTUALLY put on nachos . . .
- Rachel: ZUUUUCIINI!!
- Aaron: Jaques Chirac!!
- Travis: I've been told that you've gotten more dumb. Is that possible?
-Brenda: Die, die, die!! ::killing fingers::
- To no one in particular: GIL IS IN THE SHED!!

Yea, I have NO Idea (Yes, capital I) what I'm gonna put in here. Perhaps poems and such. Well, if you'd like me to put something up, just tell me. my e-mail's

Luv ya all:
~Nika-Chan~ (Among other nick-names)

Yay!! This'll be like a 'Live Journal' thing everyone has!! It just sounds like fun, and some people like listening to the reantings of insane people who talk about people they don't even know. Okay so here we is!

2/19/04 11:57
Mood: Tired, liable to be hyper.
Today is okay. I have a meet after school and I have to do a reverse sommersault and a 1 qand 1/2 sommersault. And my inward. ^__^ I love my inward. Anyways, I've had several laughing fits today. One of the best ones was when Fluffy-Chan said that suddenly her class started laughing becuase they heard laughter coming from the classrom next to them (the walls are really thin). That was probably Berry-Chan and I. I was laughing SO hard. When we had F.A.C.E (Ha ha, so there) We sang the 'Superman Grace' it was lots of fun. I was the only one who knew it anyways. Oh well. I'm excited for the meet tonight. I hope I do well. I NEEEED Suzanne Vega!!! T T Oh well, I think that's all for now. Luv ya!

Mood: Down in the Dumps
Song: Land of Ghosts and Shadows
Time: 11:33 AM
I'm feeling down in the dumps (obviously). I don't know why. It might be becuase:
1. Kurt said he was coming and hasn't.
2. I haven't had a good laugh in a LOONG time.
3. I feel overwhelmed by homework (Even though I don't have much.)
4. Swim season is over today, and I haven't done a 1 and 1/2 yet. T T
Yea, I'm in school, and I had some extra time, so here is shessha. I want to go to MOA to get a DVD collection. I don't know. It's really annoying and it sucks. I hate feeling this way. T T Well, I don't have much more to say . . . So . . . yea. Ja!

Mood: Content
Song: Land of Ghosts and Shadows
I'm feeling a bit better today. I got third in diving yesterday. I am in denial, but I don't know that I'm in denial, becuase when you're in denial you don't know that you're in denial but I'm in denial. So, anywhoo, I'm in denial about the swim season being over. I WANT TO DIVE!! T T Well, I really have to murder Cal-chan. Or, at least, his ear drums. ::evil cackle:: Well, I got the good laugh I've been wanting. Ack! I don't have anything more to say. I'll shut up now.

11:26 AM
Mood: So-So
Song: Whispering Forest
I wrote a poem today!! I'll post it below:

Desert Rain
Rain of sand
Blowing grit
Course and dry
Cutting wind
Strong and hot
Many miles
I've yet to go
I can see
The moisture leaving
My cracked and withered
Hard to breath
In rattling gasps.
Many miles
I've yet to go
My eyes are crying
Tears of blood
My mouth is drying
I'm tasting ash
Walking blindly
Step by step
Many miles
I've yet to go.
The sand is burning
My feet and hands
The sun is stinging
My eyes and back
Every inch
May be my last.
Many miles
I've yet to go.
Kingdom of sand
Vassals of dunes
Each knight
Is fighting
My perilous flight.
Horizon uncoming.
Many miles
I've yet to go.
Desert reign.
Reign of sand.
Ruling over me.

Me likey!!! ^__^ Well, gotta go now! Bye!


Mood: Mediocre
Song: Evolution
I am kinda irked. Kris-Chan said to Birtt-San that she got yelled at by her parents because Birtt-San said while we were looking at pictures: "Oh my gosh, I look high in that picture!" So, Kris-Chan's parents think that Birtt-San and I are going to get her into drugs. That really ticks me off.
Clara's birthday is coming up. I can't wait to give her the present. I can't say what it is, she might be watching ::glances around nervously::
I have the :Alphabet Polka" Song stuck in my head.
You came in, fell apart, had some lunch, stole my heart. For five long years we trembled on the sofa! Now there's no time for that, life's too short, we're too fat, let's go out and polka, polka, polka.
I still can't get a hold of Kurt. Is he TRYING to avoid me? I should have Moo-Chan ask him if he's talked to me recently. See his reaction.
I wanna be listening to Ayumi Hamasaki! ::points:: See, Evolution is the song. If you haven't guessed, it's by her.
Well, I ran out of things to talk about. Bye!!