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Welcome to Street Racers Corner

+^This is a good Picture+^
^+This is a good picture of its side+^

To be A good street Racer You have to have the Ride like the one above. You have to know the Products and you have to know whats going on in the street and NOT GET BUSTED BY YOU CITYS FINEST. AND Don't wreck you car. I fyou get Busted that means you will get points on you lisince which will be taken away for 2 years if you do. And then where will you be remember Either way you go show or flow be safe and drive fast.

Drive like you stole it. R.Brown

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^+A great pic of the motor+^

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^+A great picture of its Left side rear+^

Ya know Street Racing includes of course girls but what happends whe you are turned down it hurts and every one has had it done to them one in their tiny pothetic life. I was turned down it hurt you will get over it theres better.

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