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Koishikawa Miki (Xiao Shi Chuan Guangxi) 

a junior in Touryou High School. She is a cheerful, silly, and very energetic girl. She is a loyal friend and can always be counted on. She is also friendly and everyone who meets her loves her. She has lived a relatively normal life until one day her parents came home from their trip to Hawaii with news that they were getting divorced, swapping spouses, and moving in together, including with Yuu, her new step brother. Miki was very opposed to this news but soon gets used to it. Meiko is Miki’s best friend. They share a diary which they pass back and forth between each other. Miki is more open to Meiko though than Meiko is with her. Suou Ginta is another of Miki’s close friends. Miki had always loved Ginta and when she was in Junior High, she confessed her feelings to him but was rejected. They were able to become friends again a year later but Miki had lost the feelings she had had for him. Ginta then confessed that he had always loved her. Miki has to decide between Ginta and Yuu, who she had just recently started to love.

Matsuura Yuu (Song Pu You)

The first impression of Yuu(You) was very handsome and cute and very cool. He has an air of charisma around him and is instantly popular everywhere he goes with his casual outlook on life. But at times he is also a little cold and distant and mysterious. There is more to him than he gives off but he isn’t very open about it. Yuu loves to tease Miki, which according to his mother, Chiyako, is how he shows affection. Before the marriage swap, he attended Sakaki Academy along with Suzuki Arimi and Rokutanda Tsutomu. He had dated Arimi for three months as a deal to see if they really were the 'ideal couple' as Arimi claimed they would be. But when the three months were over, he still did not return feelings to Arimi and they broke up, leaving Arimi heart-broken. When he transferred to Touryou High School, Miki’s school, he did not join any clubs but spent all of his time in the school library or at his part-time job at the Junk Jungle. He dreams of becoming an architect.



The Marmalade Boy Drama aka Miki Loves Yuu, or Ju Zi Jiang Nan Hai, is based on the popular anime/manga by Wataru Yoshizumi. It is 30 episodes long. The story begins with Miki’s (Guangxi’s) parents, the Koishikawa’s (the Xiao Shi Chuan’s) deciding to get a divorce and remarry by swapping spouses with a couple, the Matsuura’s (the Song Pu’s), they met on their trip. Miki is enraged and begs for them to stop this. She gains a little hope that the other couples’ son could potentially help her convince them otherwise. Miki is surprised at how Yuu (You), the son of the Matsuura’s is very cute. She remembers her purpose though and at the table demands that they stop this. She says that it is unfair to her and Yuu, but Yuu says that he doesn’t care. Miki is even more angered and tries to ignore her family. The two families decide to live together so their kids will get to still be with both parents. Suddenly, Yuu's old girlfriend Arimi shows up. Then Miki discovers that the boy she had a crush on in junior high (Ginta) is in love with her! And he starts hanging out with Arimi!


           Stella plays Miki (Guang Xi), the herorine of Marmalade Boy. Stella was having her holidays after her "A" Levels and wanted to try something she had never done before. She came across and advertisement in search for a new cover girl and decided to give it a try. This was what initiated her modeling career which won her the Cover Girl of the Year, a contest held annually by "GO" magazine in Singapore. She was then signed on for more assignments and was featured in commercials and promotions. She is very humble and eager to learn and willing to try out new things. When she was offered a recording contact, she was ecstatic and took it instantly. She loves music but never planned to be a singer. She is amazing as she taught herself guitar and is frank in her self written lyrics. She is one of Singapore’s very promising stars. Stella’s first album, ‘Wait’ not only became one of the top-selling albums of 2001 but Stella was also nominated as best newcomer at the prestigious Golden Melody Awards. Her newest release is her album "Courier of Love."

In addition to promoting her latest album, Stella recently played a part in the TV drama "Marmalade Boy." When recalling her first acting experience, Stella said that acting reminded her how "fortunate" she is to be a singer. "If you're a singer, others will take care of your schedule and what you want to eat. Only singers get this kind of treatment in showbiz." In spite of this, Stella said that she's still willing to try acting in the future because acting "is a good way to explore another part of one's personality."

Opening Theme Song: Wen Shi De Hua (Greenhouse Flower) sung by Stella Ng

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