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1982 - XIAO-JIA dressed in a bright red cardigan, white dress and white sneakers looks elegant as she walks briskly past slogans "Study for making China strong!" "Work down-to-earth to make China strong" across her University campus. She turns to peer into a classroom, a shy smile creeps across her face when she sees WEN TAO, a handsome young man. When he turns, Xiao Jia ducks into an empty Radiophone room before he can spot her. Frantic, she accidentally knocks a broken short wave radio to the floor. Hearing the noise Wen Tao comes in. Xiao-jia startled, looked towards the radiophone,'s my hobby! Embarrassed, she takes the radio home. A lovely full moon illuminates the night, Xiao-jia daydreams of Wen Tao, photos of him decorate her room. Suddenly, the radiophone squeaks to life... "CQ, CQ iece."

Shocked, Xiao-jia picks up the handset - "Anyone there?" A male voice crackles, "What ... did ... you ... say?" The handset goes dead. Xiao-Jai's obsession with Wen Tao continues to be a constant distraction. She visits her best friend YA QIN in the hospital and talks endlessy of her love for him. Ya Qin roles her eyes. That night at a play, Ya Qin meets the famous Wen Tao and we get the feeling she disapproves.

Xiao-jia sits in front of radiophone the next night - "Hello?" The same voice answers. He is also a student at the university, his name is WEN JIA-HUI. They decide to meet next to the Chairman's sculpture on campus at 2pm the next day.

The clock points at 3 O'clock. Xiao-jia is tired of standing in the heat, she's been waiting for an hour and no one ever showed up. Same clock - Wen Jia-hui stands in the pouring rain, completely wet. He wears a very contemporary T-shirt of 2002 and is dressed in today's fashions. He too is annoyed that he's been stood up.

We come to discover that they are from different times, and the radio acts as some kind of time machine. Wen Jui-hui studies old newspapers, trying to prove to them both that this can be real. They are speaking across 20 years of time. As their friendship grows, they discuss Xiao-jia's love for Wen Jia-hui, the differences in time and society.

Ya-qin tries to talk sense into her best friends head "The man who claims to be from 2002 is only messing with you." Xiao-jia stubbornly believes in him. Xiao-jia, Ya-qin and Jia-hui spend a lot of time together, growing very close. Her love for him grows stronger every day and we begin to suspect that that love is not returned. One evening, Xiao-jia relates a story to WenJian-hui over the radio about how Jia-hui is now in the same hospital as her best friend, both with broken bones! Wen Jia-hui laughs " It's somewhat like my parent's story. My mother is Su Ya-qin, my father is Wen Tao. Have you heard of their names? Do you know them?"

Xiao-jia is heartbroken. She realizes the truth...that she is not meant for WenJia-hui. She turns against her friends and realizes she can never love another man. Jia-hui goes to his parents home and finds old photos of them in college, most are pictures of Wen-tao and Ya-qin, but in two them a young Xiao-jia also appears.

Jia-hui looks at the photos and giggles. He hurriedly flips through the pages of a yearbook and finds a photo of a girl named "Yan Xiao-jia." He feels sad for her and decides he must find her now. Xiao-jia, 20 years older, still lovely walks along an uneven surfaced stone wall. She holds out her slim hand and put it to the wall, feeling the texture of the stones.

 The scene changes and Jia-hui following along behind her, walking along the stone wall. He stops and places his hands on the stones.

Jia-hui studies her. She was slightly older, wearing glasses, refined, and was walking towards him.Xiao-jia sees the young man, she feels something slows her pace. She stands before Jia-hui. Neither of them move or speak. They look at each other, and there are no need for words.  After a moment, Xiao-jia smiles and walks on in silence.
Jia-hui watches Xiao-jia walk past him. He keeps silent, tears almost falling from his eyes.

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