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Tuesday, 02-Mar-2004

Sorry to inform you but shocktech has just died. Shadow doesn't want to be the leader anymore and neither do I. It is too bad but our clan wasnt doing very much anyway.



Thursday 12-Feb-2004

Just to let everyone know, I will be away from Feb 14 to Feb 28 on a two week trip to Gautemala. Sorry for the inconvenience. If anyone wishes to reach me I will still be checking my hotmaill address. Good luck! In other news I posted our clan on the clan list in the dpb forums. Also I am looking into a mIRC private chat channel for our clan. That wood be cool.



Sunday 01-Feb-2004

Welcome to the [shocktech] clan hompage. The site is now up! [shocktech] is planning to play ogl in the near futur but first we need to get some more steady members in the clan. If you have questions about recruiting or anything feel free to email either me or [shocktech]shadow (the clan leader)Email shadow.




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