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The Rules are Revised The original rules of aim were gr8, there were a lot of points in it that made perfect sense and were valid. But some of them should be changed. Two for example are the rules for using “lol”, “lmao”,“rotflmao” and aim faces. Sure we all know those phrases are annoying as hell and we hate to see them but what else are we supposed to use. Im begging to see ppl type out “hahaha” that is just f**king stupid and time consuming. Most of the avid aim users are lazy bored ppl, do u really want to take the time to type out “hahahah”, I don’t. I understand that its stupid typing out “lol” when ur not laughing out loud, or “lmao” (which is something that only j-lo could prob. do after coming back from plastic surgery on her a**), or “rotflmao” yes these are all stupid but they’re also one other just expressions or phrases used to show amusement instead of taking the time to type out “hahahah”. Its just like saying “f*ck you”, you probably don’t really want to f*ck the person but its just an expression. What would the ppl who use “hahaha” want ppl to say “im want to f*ck you”. Or maybe instead of “hahahah” they could say “that was funny you made me laugh” or “that made me laugh a lot” or “that made me laugh so much” the only alternative is wat I’ve been seeing when things are really funny instead of “lmao” ppl type “hahahaha” in big bold letters, now this is just my opinion but wouldnt you rather laugh out loud then go ha really loudly a couple of times, think about it. The last reason to just keep on typing “lol” is because that’s what were used 2. Why the f”*ck would you change it now its too late its like telling dogs they have to learn to piss in the toilet, its too late to change it so leave it alone. Now moving on to aim faces. Are they really that bad? My answer is no. Its easier to put the aim face with the tear on the screen then to type “I am sad now” wtf is that, who actually wants to type that. This is getting kind of long now so im just going to say aim gave us shortcuts and we made up some 2. So why type out long sh*t when there’s an easier way. If you’re one of the 96% of ppl on aim who are bored and lazy and proud to be, keep using “lol” and all the other shortcuts. If you want to type out “im sad” and “hahahahha” or “HAHAHAHAHA” have fun, it’s the way of the dumba** but its up to you. Would you rather be lazy or a dumba** ? Think about it.

Other Stuff To Do

The Original rules (I didnt write the original i just fixed some of the points it messed up on)
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