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The adventure of KK (King Kong) Cheok and The Color Wolf Gang

 So Guys! You want to know more Huh? Well here is where the fun starts:

Behold the sleepy drunken master from Malaysia

Oops!!Look like we salah parking again guys please back it up

after an hour later

Walla yeh. Finally the guys have left the building. coast clear he heh he. More interesting Click Yes Or No
Yes No

Oh no why am i so ...hellppp!!!!Want to see the next move,Please Click Yes Or No
Yes No

run baby run when i catch you i have big dinner

haiya why so long talking so much credit ha?

Look Color Wolf is trying to do some action..

Is that a Bird Flying so High..

Willy is Doing Some Demonstration.

Willy is too terrible.He Can't wait the action

Wah!! What a punishment it is for KK...

HAi!!! So disappointed Willy what a Action!!

The final punishment has been destroyed by Charlie Angel