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Attention Def-Derek

1)How long have you been a band?

It technically started about 3 months ago with Rick joining the 3 of us...and yeah....thats basically it!

2)How did you get the name attention def?

I (Derek) wrote a song in my old band called "Attention Def", it was about having A.D.D....after i left and wanted to start my own band, i couldnt think of a name...but since we all have A.D.D., i thought it totally fit.

3)Describe every member (including yourself) in 5 words or less per person.

ME: i joking, im the fat loser of the band haha, i cant get girls, no one likes me :D OWAIN: He's my step brother and has been for like 8 years, so he's a good kid, we're really close...he can be an asshole sometimes haha RICK: Rick's funny, he's the most straight edge and yet the most perverse...its hilarious...he's very technical and sometimes our personalities collide because of that, but he's rad. IAN: Ians my best friend, we do a lot together and we've basically been through this whole band thing together since Attention Def REALLY started. MYSTERY MEMBER: This guy is dope, he's funny as hell and we're pretty close too. no body knows who he is yet because we havent let him outta his cage, but soon enuf ;)

4)How long were you playing guitar before 'attention def' had started?

about a year and a a total beginner.

5)What inspires most of your songs and who writes them for the most part?

I hate saying that i write the most part of the songs but i guess i do....its more of a team effort but it usually starts with me or me working with ian. me and ian write the lyrics for all the songs, and i do the guitar which is usually how we start writing the songs. The thing that inspires me is life experience...i gain a lot through life...i dont mind going through bullshit because its a total inspiration for a very effective song and it REALLY helps me express myself.

6)Name the top 3 best songs according to you of all time.

oh damn...this is torture....u shouldnt have asked me this! haha....ummm #3. Infamous - Wakefield ....this is my reminds me so much of our life story #2. Roots Radicals - Rancid ....Punk rock at its best, i love this band and i love this song #1. Friends in low places - Garth Brooks ....u cant be a partier or drinker and tell me you've NEVER heard this song....this is by far the best song ever written.

7)What was the best concert/show you have ever gone to?

umm, Warped Tour '02....that was my breaking point....that fixed a message in my brain that hasnt stopped ever since, this is what im doing for the rest of my life.

8)What is the funniest thing that has happened ever (at a show, hanging out, etc) involving your band?

hmmmmm very hard.....every nite is hilarious....probably at this show in Langley, i kept talking and i was like....losing track, haha so everyone was like shut up! and i made myself look like a total ass haha, so after that song, i just said "i think everyone agrees that im a geek and voted that i shouldnt talk anymore, so heres our next song!" it was funny at the time....i dont know...see? im sucha loser hahaha.

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